Pax Update: Pavilions NEEDED!

Greetings to the Industrious Barony:

The weather is finally warmer and thoughts drift to summer time fun.
I have a question for you. Is your pavilion sad and lonely? Does it have a bit of odor about it? If so then I’m here to help. We, the staff of Pax Interruptus, would like to treat your pavilion to a weekend of sun and fresh air. Don’t let your pavilion wallow in the dark, dingy storage spaces. Give that canvas a chance to unfurl and breathe, before the long installation at Pennsic. My staff will painstakingly set up your pavilion to your specifications and allow it the freedom to be shade and shelter to all that attend.

If this sounds like an opportunity you don’t want to miss, you are correct. Don’t delay. Please contact me, Andrew, at you earliest convenience and we will graciously accept any and all pavilions.

Thank you
Lord Andrew of Thescorre

In all seriousness, I am looking for pavilions to set up at Pax as a “just in case”. If you have one or more to spare, I will be very grateful. Thank you again.