Request for Largess

As is now customary, Baroness Dubheasa and Baron Eldjarn will be presenting Her Royal Highness Anna Leigh with a gift basket upon her Coronation at Harvest Raid on Sept. 29th. We are seeking contributions from the populace of items to include for her. In addition to award medallions or cordage, any small, useful, period items that she may gift to worthy gentles or visiting dignitaries would be gratefully accepted.

In addition, there will be significant need for such items due to the Baronial Investitures in the Rhydderich Hael and Delftwood in the next few months.

We are most eager to show off the skills of Thescorreans via their handmade creations. So by all means tag articles with your Scadian name!

Suggestions (but certainly not limited to)…

Award medallions (Kingdom AoA level – Sycamore, Keystone, Golden Alce)
Woven cords (fingerloop braid, lucet, kumihimo, etc.)
Wax for bow strings
Games – Rota, 9 Man Morris, dice, Memory games
woven trim (inkle, tablet, etc.)
Illuminated blank note cards
Veils, coifs
Hand-dipped candles
Wooden boxes
Small notebooks with leather or fabric covers
Felted wool water bottle cozies
Fabric gift bags for large bottles
Pottery bowls, plates, mugs
Spice kits
Infused olive oil
Embroidered handkerchiefs
Kids toys – painted wood dolls, yo-yos, etc.
Ribbon bookmarks
Wax tablets
Veil pins/dress pins
Needle cases
Armor repair kits
Armor bag sachets (cedar shavings, cinnamon, orange, lavendar, etc.)
Fans (feather or folding)
Jewelry (wire rings, beaded bracelets, etc.)
Neck coolers (the reusable ones with the gel beads inside)
Pigments (walnut ink, other natural/period pigments for scribes, etc.)

With heartfelt gratitude,
–Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa