Baronial Champs Missive

A Missive Regarding Baronial Champs

from Their Excellencies

Baronal Champs is fast approaching and your Baron & Baroness are eager to witness the impressive skills of Thescorreans as those who will compete to succeed this past year’s Champions.  We will be holding competitions in Archery, Arts & Sciences, Bardic, Fencing, Heavy Weapons, Thrown Weapons, & Youth Combat. (See event announcements for details)

Being chosen as a Champion offers a number of special opportunities and honors that it is Our duty to clarify for all competitors.

The most prestigious of which is to compete in the Seven Pearls Baronial Champions competition, which this year will be held at Shoote in the Wildwoode event the last weekend of August, in neighboring Delftwood.  This is a wonderful opportunity to test your mettle against the best of Aethelmearc’s Baronies and share the spirit of Thescorre. We highly recommend Champions be prepared to compete, We love to show off Our Champions amongst Our noble friends and neighbors.  🙂 If unable to take part, for whatever reason, Champions should be ready to offer suggestions for a suitable proxy.

Champions are welcome to process with your Baronage into Court and share stints attending Us during same.  Again, when it is convenient for your schedule and wishes to do so – especially at events here in Thescorre. This is a fine chance to have a close view of Court doings, especially Kingdom Court at Pennsic!  Not to mention the pageantry of an entourage comprised of skilled and dear friends! 🙂

Pennsic War also holds a Known World Baronial Champs competition in many disciplines. This can be a rewarding experience to take part in if you attend the event!

During your year, Baronial Champions should stand ready to offer encouragement to all interested in your particular discipline. Not only will this warm Our hearts, but such conduct blooms greater camaraderie and reflects greatly upon you, as well as Thescorre!

As with this year’s Champs competitions, next year’s will be held jointly in the Rhydderich Hael.  You would have opportunity to contribute to designing the contests to determine the successor in your discipline.

We thank all who step forward to compete for the title of Champions.  Your spirit and service make Thescorre shine!

–Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa