Baronial Champs – Congrats!

Please join me in congratulating Champs autocrat Nicole duMarais, House 3 Swans, and the Aardvark fleet for yet another wonderful event yesterday… despite weather crashing the party.

It was a delight to have our Baronial cousins, Padraig and Julianna of the Rhydderich Hael holding their Championships right alongside us.

Kudos to Ekat for doing so much coordinating for everyone and a special shout out to both Court heralds, Andrew and Zosia, for their banter which not only bore the brunt of the business, but prompted much amusement from all.

Vivats for Thescorre’s new Champions:
Archery: Amelot Noisete
Bardic: Emily of Thescorre
Fencing: Eric Grenier de LaBarre
Heavy Weapons: Angus the Bull
Thrown Weapons: Torbjorn Sigurdson
Youth Combat: Eli of Thescorre

We will be holding a competition for Arts & Sciences Champion in the coming months, perhaps at a Market Day where entries can be safely indoors. 

Baron Eldjarn