September Business Meeting Highlights

Meeting Notes: Sept 17th, 2019:

Taken precariously and at your own risk, by Baroness Nez

Officers Seeking Replacements

  • Chatelaine – Accepting applications
  • Exchequer – Still requesting deputies to learn the job
  • Senechal – Baroness Branwyn nic Gregor voted in
  • MOL – Accepting applications

Spring Crown Bid Approved by Barony

  • Proposed date May 22, 2020, St Paul’s Lutheran Church and School
  • Bid now to be sent to Kingdom for consideration


  • Date changed to Feb 29th, 2020

Next Game Day – Oct 5th, Red Shield Hall

Next Market Day – Nov 17th, Red Shield Hall

Fencing, Heavy, and Youth Practice have all moved inside to Red Shield Hall

Next East Side Cooking – Oct 20th – “Coffins”

Raven’s Tongue Persuivant – Looking for book heralds to do research for heraldic submissions

Deputy Social Media Officer – Eric