New Missive from Their Excellencies

Greetings, Populace of Thescorre.

We are disappointed, but not entirely surprised to hear the news that Pennsic War must once again be postponed a year.

It is also sad to hear of the financial strain that has prompted the Cooper’s into opening their campground for a Non-SCA event at our usual time for War.

Whether SCA participants attend this big camping gathering or stick with actual SCA events that are smaller is a decision every individual must make for themselves. We only hope that your choices are made with the most complete information you can get. Plus that your activities are executed with maximum safety in mind for both yourself and all others you interact with during and afterward.

Our greatest wish is to see everyone present and healthy at the next Pennsic War.

We, too, will terribly miss getting to see all our friends and family at Pennsic. However, unless circumstances change drastically, your current Baronage will not be attending any large gatherings such as is planned at Cooper’s Lake in August.

We do wish to help support Cooper’s Campground and will be considering how we might make a financial contribution to its operators. The site has been the home for Pennsic War for many years and the familiar feeling we have when there runs deep. The event could certainly continue if it had to relocate to another location, but it would by nature have to adapt and change. People make Pennsic what it is – as long as there are good people who wish to play, we will find a way together.

Stay safe. Be careful. Our communities are counting on all of us.

With love and concern,

Baron Eldjarn & Baroness Dubheasa