****Fencing/Rapier Practice on Hold Until Further Notice****

Have your heroes always been swordfighters?
     Do you dream of being a swashbuckler like d’Artagnan, de Bergerac, Dr. Syn, Inigo Montoya, or Captains Peter Blood, Diego Alatriste or Grace O’Malley (or even John Carter or Jirel of Joiry?
     Don’t dream it, be it!
     You too can be a fencer.
     Come, join us in the study of the noble art of defense at Thescorre’s weekly fencing practice Mondays 7PM to 9PM at Red Shield Hall, 936 Exchange Street, Rochester, NY 14608. Entry is from the back parking lot – buzz in through the button labeled Red Shield Hall.
     A delightful plethora of loaner gear is available, however, Lords, you will want to bring your own athletic cup. Also, no skin showing when armored up is required, so wear long pants and socks which rise above your ankles.
     We look forward to poking you soon!