February 27, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Zoom - Online

College of Three Ravens

This winter, join the Barony of Thescorre in our annual schola as we move our festivities to a virtual space for the year’s C3R, The COVID Corvid College of Three Ravens! We are gathering together on Saturday, February 27, 2021 and using Zoom, Facebook, and our Barony Website to organize and run the event! While we are still physically distanced from one another, this is an opportunity to join in classes, A&S, workshops, bardics, feasting, and court from the safety of our homes. This year, we are celebrating all that we love about the SCA and we have the unique opportunity to share that love with any and all who want to participate. We hope that this virtual format will allow gentles from Æthelmearc, and the Knowne World entire to join in our fun as we work to learn together and come together in the safest ways possible.
We are looking for teachers of any topics within the SCA, bards who want to bring joy to all who hear them, and A&S artisans who want to display their work for all to see. This virtual C3R gives everyone the opportunity to attend Thescorre’s winter event without having to brave the northern part of Æthelmearc’s wintery weather! We want to have people set their gorgeous feast tables, join us in fellowship, and come together for a full day of learning and fun. This year, in our Æthereal setting, we can set our tables with open flames and sample the most delicious meads all from the comfort of our own sites while we find ways to connect with not only our most favorite parts of the SCA but our most favorite people within the SCA. We are going to take the amazing work that has been done to allow for Æthereal Events throughout the year and work to create an environment that allows people to engage in the Dream in all the ways feasible so we can truly celebrate the joy we, and our hobby, bring to each other.
We will be updating the site and our FB Page as much as possible to add new items, so please check out the Barony of Thescorre website (www.thescorre.org) and our Facebook pages (both the Barony page and the Event page) for additional information as it is made available. If gentles have any questions, please reach out to the Event Autocrats, Lady Gwen Cooke (Jenn Bigelow-Carlson) at Gwencooke@thescorre.org or Lord Torbjorn Sigurdson (Jon Carlson) at Torbjorn@thescorre.org
We look forward to seeing everyone in this digital platform this winter when we come together for this year’s COVID Corvid College of Three Ravens.
**Please Note**
Even though this is an online event, you WILL be required to abide by the SCA Bullying and Harassment Policy.
You can find the policy HERE. Please read it and be ready to agree to it in order to be admitted to the event.

Full Schedule with Class Descriptions – Download Printable Doc

Full Schedule with Class Descriptions – Viewable PDF

A&S Competition and Show:

We have several entries for our A&S Competition and Show. You are welcome to enter, if you would still like to do so. Our theme is “Plague Projects, but you can enter anything you’d like.
In the interest of the theme, we have widened our concept of “medieval” arts and sciences, to “What SCAdian skills have you used to better your household or friends/neighbors during the pandemic?” Perhaps you learned how to sew from a fellow SCAdian and you have spent your time making masks for your family and friends. Or maybe you are a feast cook for events, but during this pandemic you have been feeding your neighbors who don’t normally cook for themselves. Whatever it is, we would like to hear about it. We can’t have events, but we can still share our knowledge and do some of the things we love to do. The entry form for the A&S Competition can be found HERE <–Click link.
Any images or documentation should be sent to: webminister AT thescorre DOT org. Please email them directly there. Thanks! And enjoy!

View the Entries


This year, we will feast in our own homes, but the Thescorre Cook’s Guild is busy at work choosing recipes for you to “cook along at home”. Watch the Cook’s Guild FB group, the FB Event page, and this website for updates as we create a lovely “cook along with Thescorre” feast.
Whether you are able to “cook along” or not, please consider sharing your feast preparations with us as you go. Everyone is welcome to share images of their prep, their feast tables from this event, or food items/feast tables from other virtual events they have attended over the last year. But above all, please consider sharing your recipes! Thescorre is working on creating an online cookbook of our favorite feast and everyday foods. Help us make this dream a reality! You can share items via our FB Event Page, “C³R 2021 Cook-Along-At-Home Feast”, or by emailing them to our Webminister.
And always remember to be well, stay healthy, and feed each other!

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Don’t think we forgot about the merchants! We know you love to shop and this should be no different! Check out our wonderful local artists and buy beautiful things from them!

**Thescorre has added these links to merchant websites for the convenience of those visiting this event. Thescorre takes no responsibility for any content outside of the thesorre DOT org website.**


We have filled SIX! Zoom rooms with 30! classes, running from 9am to 3pm, for your academic enjoyment!
We regret that we cannot accept any more classes at this point. Thank you all for offering to teach! We could not do this without you!
If you have not yet registered to attend the classes, PLEASE do so. You cannot attend the day’s activities (including all these amazing classes) without being registered for the event. Login info coming soon to those who have registered! If you would like to register, but have not yet done so, please follow the link below to go to the “Classes” Page, where you will find a link to register (at the bottom of the page).
Thanks! See you all at C3R 2021: A COVID Corvid College!

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Site Rules:

Virtually Anything is allowed!

  1. You’re in your own home, so live it up! Everything is as safe as you make it.
  2. Fancy Pants OPTIONAL! It’s your house. You can wear a tunic and pajama pants, if you like. OR you can just turn off your camera. This is Zoom, after all. Feel free to use one of our “Attendee Badges” instead of your camera or another image. We’re here to make it easier for you. Attendee Image can be found HERE <–Click Link
  3. If you are teaching, THANK YOU. We’d like to invite you to add our “Teaching Staff” image to anything you’d like. If you would like it on your FB profile, you can find it by searching Frames for “C3R” and choosing the “Teachers” Frame. Frames will be available until Mid-March. For the image on it’s own (you are welcome to download and manipulate at will – please be kind), you can find the image HERE <–Click Link
  4. Cats really ARE period. We promise. They are ALWAYS welcome! The internet is clearly for cats. And dogs. They are welcome too. But don’t tell the cats.
  5. Take Breaks! Screen fatigue is REAL. It is just as easy to tire yourself out and make yourself sick at home as it is at an event site. Don’t forget to drink water, eat, and take bathroom breaks. Your body will thank you.
  6. Class handouts can be found on the class page. Be sure to download them before your class so you have them on hand.
  7. If you have trouble with Zoom, you are NOT alone. Contact our webminister (Nez): webminister AT thescorre DOT org. For quicker response on the day of the event, you may contact her by FB messenger (Melinda DeHollander) or via text at 585-615-0398.

***All Artwork for C3R 2021 was created by Baroness Nez, OL – For use by anyone, for the purpose of advertising or otherwise participating in C3R 2021. Anyone is welcome to use and/or edit the images in any way, but please remember that we are a diverse audience. Be kind and please, no swearing.***