Morgan Bible Scribal Workshop

June 29, 2019 all-day
Red Shield Hall
936 Exchange St

Book of Kings Part I is coming to Thescorre. This workshop is for advanced painters who want to learn some tips and maybe a new technique or two. Have you ever been frustrated trying to paint the complicated drapery or folds of clothing? Whitework isn’t just for borders anymore, learn why taking your whitework to a higher level will improve your finished product. Does the idea of inking the individual links of chain maile intimidate you? Learn how to show the curve of an arm by changing the direction of the chain maile. This workshop is limited to 12 students with a waiting list of 2. No auditors please. Cost is $10.00 for materials. Just as other Scribal Tour workshops, first come – first serve, email your intent to attend at:

Expect full details in a group email 1 week prior to the workshop.