September Market Day

September 14, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Bergen Castle
6385 N Lake Rd
Bergen NY 14616

September Market Day!

Welcome once again to Thescorre’s Market Day! September 14th at the Bergen Castle. Join us for a day of medieval fun and a chance to share a meal with friends. This month we are enjoying time at our favorite castle and will have many outdoor activities.

We will also be making benches for use at Red Shield Hall. Parts and some tools provided. Please see Otelia for details if you would like to help. Or just pitch in a hand when you get there!

*** UPDATE 9-9-2019***

Activities for this month include:

  • Heavy Weapons Tourney
  • Bench Making (see below)
  • Weedwalk with Sadira (weeds permitting)
  • Perennial Swap (bring whatever you’d like to get rid of or take what you’d like to grow – free)

This month’s Prize Tourney is for Heavy Weapons Combat (and Arts & Sciences in November). But our Prize offerings are a bit slim now and we need your contributions to entice the competitors!

Matilda is looking for promissory donations of prizes, from which the tournament winner may choose one; be it a dessert item made by you at a later date, a heraldic banner you customize for the winner, or a leather pouch made by your favorite merchant. Prizes should be SCA related and valued at $20 or more (including labor). It doesn’t have to be strictly monetary, get creative! Offer your services as a retainer for a given event.

All she needs right now is your promise, a description of your donation that will be written on a card, along with your contact information for the winner to claim their prize. Promissory donations will be retained until selected by a tournament winner, or until you choose to withdraw the offer. If you want to extend an offer only for a particular tournament, that’s fine! Please email Matilda with your donation information.

Bench Making

The September 14th Market Day at the castle will include a work party to make 8 benches.

Materials required:
(Nuzha has volunteered to acquire these)

  • 8 – 8′ 2×10’s, slight bow and some knots acceptable-twist totally unacceptable
  • 4 – 8′ 2×6’s as above

Tools to bring:

  • at least one circular saw
  • at least one-several would be handy-saber saws (the kind that take a ~.25″ by 4″ blade)
  • bigger bladed saws that can make a straight cut-not sure the names, but bigger versions of a saber saw-also welcome but can’t easily cut the mortices (8 per bench).
  • 0.5″ drill bits able to go through 1.5″ 2x’s and associated drills
  • a few pipe clamps might be handy
  • extension cords
  • a couple 12″ sliding layout squares
  • A willing learn-something attitude

Please wear garb and bring a dish to pass so we can share in the afternoon meal.