Thescorre Scribal Guild

Meet Your Scribal Artisans!

Baroness Roberta McMorland, OL

I have been a scribe in the SCA for 30 years in 4 kingdoms. I am still learning new things.
I do calligraphy and illumination and dabble in book binding. My pipe dream is to do a small girdle book for myself – a history of me in the SCA.
I will never claim to know everything about C&I or that my way is the “right” way. I will gladly show you how I do things. I will share whatever resources I have.
I will shamelessly twist arms to encourage people to teach or mentor for the scholas that come along.
If you need something printed, I have access to a high-end production printer. Class handouts should always be abundant.


Mahin Banu Tabrizi

I have been in the SCA for 30 years and lived in two different kingdoms. Right now, I live in the Shire of Sunderoak.
I am a wordsmith. I can help you with writing your own wording or writing wording for you.


Mairghread Stoibheard Inghean ui Choinne

I have been a scribe in the SCA for 14 years, all of them in Aethelmearc. I am still learning new things too!
I do calligraphy…beware I am a lefty… & illumination & wording and especially like medieval music exemplars lately.
I will gladly show you how I do things. I will share whatever resources I have. I enjoy teaching.
I want to improve my calligraphy and do more scrolls with quill pens.
I enjoy matching the illumination and wording to the person’s persona if I have time.


Azemars Martel/Azemars d’Artemesia

I have been in the SCA for 16 years, albeit off and on because I moved around a lot. I have lived in Artemesia, Midrealm and now Aethelmearc.
My newest passion is bookbinding and I have plans with Roberta to set up a few classes on this.
I do calligraphy and illumination. My greatest experience is in gothic style works, but I have been doing a big Romanesque project lately so….
I especially love French things and am happy to help with translations. I speak modern French and German and can translate into Latin with the same error rate as a medieval scribe.


Nuzha bint Saleem

I have been in the SCA for 37 years, but have never been a scribe before. I like to do calligraphy, but have never done so for the SCA.
I am a wordsmith. I love to write all genres. I enjoy helping others share their sentiment in memorable ways, though I never thought to write scrolls, but have always helped people in the background when they got stuck writing. I am glad to be able to share joy.


Adhémar of St. Albans

I am currently serving as the Raven’s Tongue Persuivant, which means I read the scrolls in court and generally make court happen. Most importantly, I want everyone to know who made these beautiful works of art. So I would like to ask the greater scribal community to be sure to add your names to the scrolls you create. This will help me to let everyone know of your works.

I have tried my hand at some illumination recently and I am unsure if I will continue, but I do know w lot of work goes into these items.

I look forward to working with you in the future, whether by reading your works or by creating them with you.


For Kingdom information, please see the Sylvan Signet Page.

For local meeting information, please contact Baroness Roberta McMorland, OL.