Meeting Minutes


Thescorre Shield October 17 Business Meeting PDF | Word
  Bob Officer Reports  
  Bob Baronial Champs Report  
  Bob College of Three Ravens
  Bob Borders wrapping demo  
  Bob AEthelmearc Rapier Academy
  Bob Fairy Tale Ball
  Bob Guild Announcements
Thescorre Shield October 3 Social Meeting  
  10/3/06 Thescorre Social Meeting notes
Adams Street Recreation Center
Kadlin, A&S, presiding
15 Thescorreans present
  Bob Kadlin reminded everyone that our Baronial Champions event is this coming weekend, and handed around entry forms for the A&S champion competition. She urged gentles to enter and asked for more judges.  
  Bob Phillipe announced that the chirurgeons will have the use of a trailer during the day, thanks to Lionheart and Sue!  
  Bob Sue handed around the signup sheet for dishes for the potluck.  
  Bob Katrina talked with several folks about when they plan to arrive on Friday night with shades, and about beverages during the day; Steffan offered to donate plastic cups, etc.  
  Bob There was much talking...  
Thescorre Shield September 19 Business Meeting PDF | Word
  Bob Peregrine opened the meeting by asking for a moment of silence  
  Bob Officer Reports
  Bob Baronial Champs, October 7  
  Bob Microsoft Publisher purchase  
  Bob Webminister office
  Bob Bids for C3R?
  Bob Officer terms
  Bob Status of Equestrian officer/practices  
  Bob Policies
Thescorre Shield September 9 Social Meeting PDF | Word
  Bob A few orders of business  
Thescorre Shield August 1 Social Meeting  
  Alison & Timothy's home
Peregrine, Seneschale
15 Thescorreans present
  Bob Several people brought period clothing, patterns, and fabric to swap. Many enjoyed the wonderful pool, and a number of folks brought munchies.  
  Bob 1. Timothy procured a reduced educational price of $25 for a copy of Microsoft Publisher, rather than the $80 to $100-plus price quoted at the last business
meeting. Peregrine called for a vote to approve the funds for purchasing this application for the Fewmet; it passed 14-0-1.
  Bob 2. Orianna gave an abbreviated updated Pax report: we made $100 more profit than announced at the last meeting! <smile>  
Thescorre Shield July 18 Business Meeting PDF | Word
Pre-meeting: Pool party!
  Bob Officer Reports

  Bob Policies and Procedures

  Bob College of Three Ravens bid needed  
  Bob Pax Interruptus post-event report  
  Bob Baronial Champs  
  Bob Wyntersett cooking equipment request
  Bob Pennsic announcements
Thescorre Shield June 20 Business Meeting PDF | Word
  Bob Curia Next Month, Policy Change Proposal  
  Bob Pax Interruptus  
  Bob Baronial Champions  
  Bob Officer Reports  
  Bob Miscellaneous Announcements  
Thescorre Shield May 16 Business Meeting PDF | Word
  Bob Seneschal bid  
  Bob Pax Interruptus  
  Bob Officer Reports  
  Bob Sites, sites, and more sites  
Thescorre Shield April 20 - Business Meeting PDF | Word
  Bob Officer Reports  
  Bob Pax 30/Baronial Investiture Bid  
  Bob Miscellaneous  
Thescorre Shield March 21 Business Meeting PDF | Word
  Bob Officer Reports  
  Bob Procedures & Policies  
  Bob Pax Bid  
  Bob Coffee Report  
  Bob Future Sites  
  Bob College of Three Ravens report  
Thescorre Shield February 21 - Business Meeting Curia PDF | Word
  Bob Officer Reports  
  Bob College of Three Ravens  
  Bob Policy  
  Bob Drop-Dead Seneschale  
  Bob Upcoming Events  
Thescorre Shield

February 7 - Social meeting

  Bob Cookie display: Orianna made her mother’s gingerbread cookies. Kadlin made custard tarts from Platina. Both were yummy. <smile>   
  Bob Kadlin urged folks to fill out this month’s A&S questionnaire, and asked for suggestions for future A&S nights. Competitions? Classes? Discussions?  
  Bob Eldjarn reminded everyone to sign up to volunteer for C3R.  
  Bob Grendel took reservations for C3R.  
  Bob Orianna is still taking donations for the baronial coronets for Cedric & Peregrine.  
  Bob Sigvaldi and Kadlin are still taking donations of items for the barony demo box.  
Thescorre Shield January 17 - Business Meeting PDF | Word
  Bob Pre-Meeting Announcements  
    Officer Reports
-Heavy Weapons Champs
-Kingdom Twelfth Night
  Bob College of Three Ravens  
  Bob Pax Interruptus  
  Bob Election Results  


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