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Pictures from Khalek and Branwyn

Camelot Demo for Geva 2004
a and k 3.jpg (183kb) a and k.jpg (92kb) yazmina fences.jpg (76kb) yazmina fences khalek.jpg (127kb) artemis and khalek.jpg (199kb)
fashion show.jpg (138kb) first court.jpg (177kb) bob and colleen in court (gevapeople).jpg (180kb) fighters get blessing.jpg (199kb) fighters process.jpg (140kb)
helms and armor bits.jpg (129kb) helms.jpg (165kb) k and s.jpg (190kb) ash and saleem 5.jpg (217kb) saleem fighting.jpg (34kb)
khalek and saleem.jpg (86kb) takezu fights vettius.jpg (107kb) khalek fights ash.jpg (162kb) khalek fights vettius.jpg (189kb) khalek and harald.jpg (63kb)
khalek and branwyn.jpg (213kb) lining up for court.jpg (177kb) yazmina wins.jpg (152kb) khalek wins.jpg (117kb) nicolai wins.jpg (155kb)
orianna and matilda.jpg (143kb) knusslig hamn viewing stand.jpg (141kb) populace.jpg (180kb) quen quer quai (sp).jpg (65kb) qqquirl.jpg (157kb)
saleem and sadira hold court.jpg (200kb) sadira explains.jpg (156kb) sadira, yazmina, artemis.jpg (172kb) saleem and sadira 2.jpg (152kb) processing.jpg (125kb)
sadira and folk.jpg (25kb) saleem and sadira invite fridrikr and orianna.jpg (187kb) saleem demonstrates.jpg (159kb)    
War Practice 2004
khalek battle wp2004.jpg (105kb)
khalek kills wp 2004.jpg (102kb)
more battle wp2004.jpg (133kb)
Pennsic 2004
August 29, 2004 (7).jpg (53kb)
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