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Old pictures

These are images that were on the website before our time. Just copied the descriptions that were with them, if there was one.
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Back Row: Baron Devon, Khalid, Lady Adelais, Lord Cedric of Armorica, Lord Ahern, Lord Simon, Baroness Daedra.
Middle Row: Lord Wulfstan, Lord Jacques Chanson, Lord Patrick.
Front Row: Baron Saleem.

Baron Devon and Baroness Daedra bestowing gifts unto Moritu, including The Thescorre Upfinder, shown here. Taken at Pennsic XXIII.
Lord Cedric the Humble

Yaz/ Kat
Lady Yasmina Alessandra Bentivegna di Faenza and Lady Katriona of the Groves
Baron Devon

Pennsic XXV
Their Avian Excellencies' mobile cottage can be found at the main gate to Thescorre's camp at War. It has provided a much-needed cool spot in the Pennsic heat. On the parapet can be seen the three guardians of Thescorre: Thought, Memory, and Bob (he's in the middle).
Lady Peregrine

Æthelmearc Twelfth Night
Devon & Daedra
Our 3rd Avian Excellencies, Devon & Daedra
Lady Beautrice Hammeltoune
Wulfstan & Kat
Lord Wulfstan "the Dead Man" and Lady Katriona of the Groves, real-life brother and sister.

Gideon & MorgaineLord Gideon of Thescorre extends a courtesy to Lady Morgaine of Donegal. Sadira & NezhahBaroness Sadira and Lady Nezhah, taking a break from kitchen duties at Brother Leonce's Crusade.

Passing of the Ice Dragon in the Rhydderich Hael

groupBack Row: Lady Gwendolyn the Graceful, Lord Eric Grenier of Labarre (aka Grendel), and two people whose names elude me.
Front Row: Lord Alessandro Devereaux, Cam, Lord Gideon

Gwen & RoLady Gwendolyn the Graceful and Elswyth Rosamond (Ro)
RhiannonLady Rhiannon y Bwa, who won 5 categories in her very first A&S competiton!

DisplayOur display case at Rudicon, arranged by Baron Devon and Lady Bhairavi Palanimathi. T-shirtThe spiffy T-shirt design created by Lord Gideon of Thescorre for Æthelmearc's first coronation.

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