Awards & Guilds
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Benefactor of the Barony

Awarded to non-SCAdians for service to the Barony above and beyond the call of duty. There have only been three awarded in the history of the award. The first went to the parents of Ceridwen of Raventree, Cal and Anne Bidwell, who worked tirelessly to make an event held on there land enjoyable and safe. The second went to George, the Barony's liason with Stonybrook State Park. During the many years we have held the event there, he has gone out of his way to accomodate our needs. The third went to Energizer Jean, the mother of Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina, and Holly of Blackrock Castle, her friend, for repeatedly driving all the way from Connecticut simply to cook feasts.


Raven Pin

A repeatable award given to anyone who has shown noteworthy efforts in the arts & sciences.


Raven's Egg

A repeatable award which is given to anyone who is caught being particularly helpful within the Barony.


Order of the Raven's Feather

Argent, in base two bars wavy azure, overall a raven's feather palewise sable.The ORF is awarded for service to the Barony. It is a polling order and is given for service in any form. New members are accepted by affirmation of over half the current Companions. The Principle of this Order is Lady Guenevere Katherine of Trail's End. See the List of Companions.


Order of the Broche

Argent, in base two bars wavy azure overall a penannular brooch open to base sable.The Baronial Order of Merit for Arts and Sciences shall recognize accomplishments in the gentle arts within the Barony. It is a one-time, precedence-bearing award given by the Baronage based on nominations from the populace or the pleasure of the Baronage.

Examples of the gentle arts include effort in cooking, brewing, sewing, needlework, lace-making, woodworking, dance, music, storytelling, metalworking, jewellry-making, spinning, weaving, etc.
List of Companions.


Order of the Black Talon

Argent, in pale an eagle’s toe fesswise couped sable and two bars wavy azure.The Baronial Order of Merit for Martial Arts shall recognize accomplishments in these arts within the Barony. It is a one-time, precedence-bearing award given by the Baronage based on nominations from the populace or the pleasure of the Baronage.

Examples of the martial arts include effort in fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, siege weaponry, and combat archery.
List of Companions.



Cauldron Bleu Cooks Guild

Argent, two wooden cooking spoons in saltire proper and in chief a cauldron azure.

The Cauldron Bleu is the Barony of Thescorre's Cooks Guild. It has been in existence since at least A.S. XIII (1978). The purpose of the Cook's Guild is to train and educate new cookery students in the planning, purchasing, redaction and preparation of medieval feasts, and to try out recipes prior to serving them at an event. The Guild has a large library of medieval recipes for research. The meetings are held at Devon & Daedra's house (for more information, see the Baronial Calendar or visit the webpage) All are welcome.

Thescorre Scriptorum

The Scriptorum creates beautiful awards scrolls which are given to gentles throughout the kingdom. For more information visit the Scriptorum site.


Thescorre Threadworker's Company

If you spin, weave, sew, embroider or embellish with thread this is the place for you! Our Company is an assorted group of fiber artisians of all skill levels looking for an excuse to socialize while we work and share our knowledge and love of fiber arts. Visit our webpage for more information.


Dancers and Drummers

The Crow's Feet Dancers, the Barony of Thescorre's dancing group. Each week they teach/dance a variety of different dances, ranging in style and period from early (15th C.) Italian dances to French bransles to English Country Dance, usually determined on a quasi-request basis.

Raven Raqs Beledi are Thescorre's Middle Eastern dance and drum practices. Come shake your middle or tappy tap on a drum on one Wednesday a month. No experience necessary to come out and have fun!

See the Baronial Calendar for meeting times. Also check out their webpage.

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