C3R 2021 A&S

Welcome to the C³R 2021 A&S Competition and Show!

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9th Century Arabic Medicinal Jelly

by Caleb Reynolds

**Link for this entry takes you off the Thescorre Site**

Arabic Medicinal Jelly

A medicinal jelly from the 9th Century Aqrabadhin of al-Kindi by Abu Yusuf Ya’qub ibn Ishaq al-Kindi.

Plague Project – Coptic Stitch Notebook

by Boudica of Thescorre

Complete Book

Handmade notebook, using coptic stitch binding. Wooden cover with hand-burned design.

Baroness Nuzha’s Banner

by Baroness Sadira bint Wassouf

I intend this entry for show only, not for competition.
This piece is my interpretation of Baroness Nuzha’s Coat of Arms, made for her elevation to the Order of the Laurel.

Techniques used in the construction of the banner include: hand applique learned from Mistress Alison of the Many Isles, free embroidery, couching, and beading. Beads were made of red and gold glass and garnets. Embroidery stitches included: buttonhole stitch (with picots), chain stitch, stem stitch and satin stitch. Lining and hanging loops were added by Baroness Nuzha, because I can’t sew a straight line.

Step 8-Nuzha's Final Banner

Banner for Lord Andriu mac Domhnaill

by Baroness Sadira bint Wassouf

I intend this entry for show only, not for competition.
This is my interpretation of Lord Andrew’s coat of arms. It was made as a gift for the occasion of Baroness Nuzha’s elevation to the Order of the Laurel

The banner was constructed using hand applique techniques that I learned from Mistress Alison of the Many isles. Embroidery stitches included: buttonhole stitch with picots, blanket stitch, and chain stitch. Final finishing work of backing and adding hanging loops was done by Baroness Nuzha. During the construction, one major mistake that necessitated completely starting over was pairing two kinds of cloth that were too soft for a banner resulting in the purple chief being askew. The second try worked much better and was worth the waste of materials.

Banner for Andriu mac Domhnaill

Plague Project – Headbands and Hope Quilts

by Baronesses Sadira bint Wassouf and Nuzha bint Saleem

Plague Projects-Headbands

These headbands have buttons on the sides to hold the elastic for surgical and N95 style masks, to keep Health Care Workers’ ears from hurting and to keep the masks sealed better throughout their long days. The masks I made used fabric from my stash and from my neighbor, who dropped off fabric to me each week. We made in excess of 500 headbands for health care workers. With the scraps, Nuzha and I made “Hope” quilts.


by Bronwyn nic Gregor

Knitted and felted items (primarily pouches)

Complete Knitting Projects

Using basic knitting on the round skills and the Monmoth hat patterns, simple patterns, and knitting cords strategies I have created a variety of pouches, which I then machine felt. Some are intended as largess and some are meant to be gifts.

Largess Entry – Macrame Bookmarks

by Ekundayo

Bookmarks Complete

I’ve created a series of macrame bookmarks made with cotton cord and wooden beads. Each bookmark has a pattern made with a series of square knots, and is finished with two tassels. A single tassel with atop an arc of strung wooden beads provides an anchor for the rest of the piece.

Prague Pouches

by Coinneach Mac an Leigh

Prague Pouches Complete

A pair of drawstring pouches modeled after one seen in an altarpiece in Prague, dating to approximately 1380.

Plague Project – Painted Silk Banners

by Gwen Cooke

Banner 1 Complete

Created as a way to add more heraldry and panache to the Aardvark camp at Pennsic (and elsewhere)….

Largess – Themed needle cases + Escarbuncle wall hanging

by Lady Thalia Papillon


Decorative and Useful items to share and enjoy!

The Grand Hoirs of Anne of Brittany Ceramic Coasters

by Lady Aine ingen Ui Briain

Ceramic Tile Coasters

Hand-drawn and hand-painted ceramic coasters with cork backing.

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