by Katarina of Thescorre


So I have read and watched many recipes making “pancakes” aka crepes. Now they all follow the same write up and translation. Which comes from the le Menagerie de Paris, a 14th century French manuscript.

Personally though it sounds more like they are making funnel cakes due to the use of a bowl with a hole in the bottom, and what sounds like a decent amount of oil in what sounds like a pot that is both deep as is high.

But I am new at this and these are all experts so I am going to say, they know what they are doing I do not. But in the future I do want to try this again but with less water and more flour to make a thicker batter and cook in a nice deep pot of hot oil and try making funnel cakes.

But anywho. I did according to the recipes and made crepes, which gave me an excuse to use my crepe pan my sister gave me a few years back for my birthday. Lets make crepes.

1/2 pound flour
2 whole eggs
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup white wine
1 cup water

Oil or butter for frying ( I omitted this due to not needing it on my fancy pan)

Mix the flour, eggs, salt, wine, and water. Then let it sit in the fridge for 2 hours for the wine to react with the flour. I used white zinfandel because it was opened. We don’t drink much and only use wine for cooking.

After it sits, mix everything back up as there is probably some separation. Heat your pan. I like to use medium heat with omelets and crepes as u want it cooked but not brown. These should remain flexible not crispy. At least modern ones are.

The first few may not turn out. That’s fine. Perfect for taste testing. I found in my pan 1/3 cup batter was good. I like to use a frosting spreader to help spread the batter. They do make crepe tools but they are just wooden dowels, no biggie. So heat your pan on medium heat, pour on some batter ( I do this off the heat) spread it out nice and thin. Let cook over the medium heat until it Is no longer shiny. The edges curl up on the sides. Take a spatula to help lift then I just take my other hand to flip it. The recipe said to cook til lightly brown. From what I know of crepes, u do not want them brown. If they are brown they are over cooked. They should still be yellow/cream colored.

Now how long do u cook once you flip them?? Idk. Lol I don’t think u really have to. I just let them sit for a few moments. And slid them off onto a wire rack to cool while I made another. If using a nice non stick pan, you shouldn’t use/need oil. I found when I did on the first one it just made a mess. All others I went without oil or cooking spray.

Crepes Cooking
Things to remember, don’t over cook. You can’t fold them if crisp. Don’t make them too thick. Put parchment, wax paper or something between each crepe to keep them from sticking.

They are typically served folded into a pocket, dusted with powdered sugar and with “oranges” made from sausage to look like oranges. Which I also made.

Crepes with Ham and Ricotta
Results. The wine was interesting. Gives it kind of a yeasty taste which can be served savory with some ham and cheese. Pictured I took some ricotta, warm ham and cheese and folded it into a pocket. Which is what made crepes handy as folded this way it made it into a traveling meal.

Crepes with Fruit
They are also great sweet with honey and fruit. Again I used ricotta, but I also like using cottage or farmers cheese, some berries and honey. It is easier to fold if u only fill 1/4. Then fold in half then half again. Dust with powdered sugar and enjoy.