C3R Classes

C3R 2019 Class Schedule

List of Teachers for C3R 2019:

  1. Iohn Spooner– Medieval Woodworking “Leave the Ruler on the Throne, Not in the Workshop”
  2. THL Mairghread Stoibheard inghean ui Choinne– Illuminating using the Morgan Picture Bible
  3. Padraig ne feosean Ua Chaeleichair– Meditation as an Adjunct to Martial Activities/Practice
  4. Eldjarn the Thoughtful– Intro to Sprightly Dances
  5. Eldjarn the Thoughtful– Romance In Dance
  6. Éadaion Ruadh– The Stigma of LARP (live-action roleplay)
  7. THL Eleanore Godwin– Symbolism of flowers in “Squashed Bug” manuscripts
  8. THL Eleanore Godwin – Documentation for A&S Competitions
  9. THL Abigail Kelhoge– Parchment in Period
  10. Lord Andrew of Thescorre, Carter of Thescorre– Kids Kitchen Basics
  11. Lord Andrew of Thescorre– Emergency Preparedness for Feast Cooks
  12. Caleb Reynolds– Basic wards of I.33
  13. Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd – The Problem with the Term ‘Rüs’: The Rise and Fall of the Kievan State
  14. Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd– It’s called Fashion, Oleg: An Overview of Kievan Rüs Clothing
  15. Maestro Antonio de Luna– Thrown Weapons MiT Class
  16. Renata Rouge– The Truth About Boleyn Green!
  17. Renata Rouge– The Real Housewives of the Boleyn Clan
  18. THL Amalie Reinhardt– Make beautiful scrolls using micography
  19. Isabetta Orsini– Venetian Masks: A History and How-To Demonstration
  20. THL Beatrice de Winter– Bling out your Dead
  21. TW Moran– Beginning Repousse & Chasing
  22. TW Moran-Continuing Repousse &Chasing
  23. TW Moran– introduction to engraving
  24. TW Moran– Japanese stab book binding
  25. Chebe– how to straighten an arrow shaft
  26. Chebe– building arrows
  27. Chebe– intro to siege
  28. Peter O’Meagher– An Army Marches on it’s Stomach: Or Cooking at Pennsic
  29. Branwyn ferch Gwythyr– The Houppelande: a 14th century tent-like garment
  30. Nest verch Rys– So Now You Are an Officer – Getting Started and Staying Sane 101
  31. Nest verch Rys& Kelda ferch Ystwyth– Upping Your Officer “Game”: Tips, Tricks, and Advice from a Couple of Helium-Hand Baronesses
  32. Ekaterina Volkova– More Than a Cookie – Removing the Stigma of Service Awards – A Round Table Discussion
  33. Kelda ferch Ystwyth– Defining Skill Sets and Core Competencies for SCA Volunteers  – A Round Table Discussion
  34. Ekaterina Volkova , Nest verch Rys& Kelda ferch Ystwyth– Writing Your SCA Resume/ Translating SCA Lingo on  Modern Resumes  – A Round Table Discussion
  35. Ekaterina Volkova , Nest verch Rys& Kelda ferch Ystwyth– Connecting Our Community: Officer Meet, Greet, and Support Session
  36. Mistress Francesca della Rovere and Lady Venetia Elisabetia– Sweet Scents: making scented hand waters & perfumes
  37. Bronwyn nic Gregor– Award Medallions (embroidered)
  38. Nuzha bint Saleem– Introduction to Middle Eastern Dance for Fighters (and friends)
  39. Sadira the “Repast Baroness” – Subtleties Then and Now
  40. Baron Ixac ben Simone– Introduction to Japanese Comedia Performance
  41. THL Maeve Ni Siurtain– Equestrian round table
  42. Renata Finnemore– A&S Consultation Table
  43. Nycais D’oizer la Tailoresse– Understanding basic patterning: What do those funny symbols mean?
  44. Elska á Fjárfelli– Of Boyling and Seeþing – a conference presentation on 14th century mead
  45. Mistress Svanhildr Karlsdottir OP– What to do when you have lost the fun and how to find it again
  46. Lady Maddalena d’Agostino– Deliver the Pigeons to the Emperor: Birds in Medieval Society
  47. Sǫlveig Þrándardóttir– PPF: Sumō workshop
  48. Lady Margarita Carpintero– Paternosters & Other Prayer Beads
  49. Don Diego Munoz-Marshaling Tournaments
  50. Don Diego Munoz-Marshaling Melees
  51. Don Diego Munoz-Fencing Body Mechanics

Please contact this year’s class coordinator with any questions:

Captain Lady Nicole du Marais