Pax Interruptus

PAX Interruptus XLV (2022)

and Baronial Investiture

Thescorre, Andriu, Nez Banner

To Arms!!! To Arms!!!

The drums of war are sounding again, and no louder do they sound than in the avian lands of Thescorre!!!
Join us Saturday July 9th for a day or Archery, Thrown Weapons, Armored Combat, Youth Combat and Fencing!!!
Ply the merchants with your well-earned coin and procure their glorious wares in preparation for war!!!

With Baroness Dubheasa Inghean Dubgaill and Baron Eldjarn the Thoughtful stepping down from their thrones you may bear witness as her Excellency Nuzha bint Saleem and Lord Andriú mac Domnaill ascend on Ravens Wings to take their place!!!


Volunteer Sign Up!

This event will be held at Genesee Community College 1 College Rd, Batavia, NY 14020
(Same location as Ice Dragon)


The Honorable Lord Angus the Bull (585) 314-4340 (No calls after 7pm please)

Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet:

Please consider volunteering some time, if you are able. We would love your help making the day run smoothly, allowing for all to enjoy their time. The more people who volunteer, the better time we all have!

Volunteers Needed For:

  • Troll
  • COVID Check
  • Setup
  • Tear-Down
  • Retaining

Online sign up: CLICK HERE

Activities & Schedule


8:30 am – Doors Open

10:30 am – Morning Court

11 am – Inspections Start

Noon (or just after morning court)

– ALL Marshal Activities Start

-Silent Auction Starts

-Scribal Playtime Starts

4 pm – All Marshal Activities End.

– Archery Top 8 Competition

-Silent Auction Ends

-Scribal Playtime Ends

5 pm – Archery Ends

-Last Chance to Pick Up Silent Auction Items

5:30 pm – Evening Court

Marshal Activities (after court ’til 4pm):

Archery (’til 4pm/5:30pm):

Shoots include:
Period Royal Rounds
Advancing man that actually advances!
3D Animal Hunt
Prizes for:
Grand Champion
Best Handbow
Best Crossbow
Best Period archer
Best Youth

Heavy Weapons Novice Tourney

  • Format to be determined the day of based on number of entrants.
  • Novice is defined as follows:
  • Yet to receive their Gage or Out of Kingdom Equivalent.
  • Not a member of the Chivalry
  • Not a Royal Peer by their own hand

Any questions can be directed to Sir Dominic McMorland.

Thrown Weapons Tourney

Youth Fighting


A&S Challenge:

In anticipation of our Baronial Investiture in July at Pax, our A&S Minister would like to issue three challenges:
1. An item that incorporates the Baronial colors (blue, black, white) and/or the ravens
2. Six items that can be given by Their in-coming Excellencies as largess that incorporates the Baronial colors and/or ravens; these should be generally small items that can be put into a gift basket or handed out at Their Excellencies’ whim
3. Six items of largess, similar in concept as above, that incorporate the Kingdom colors (red, white, yellow/gold) and/or the escarbuncle that can be gifted to Their Majesties
These items will be on display at Pax, with potential prizes 🙂
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions!
In service,
Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences
aands AT thescorre DOT org

Scribal Playtime (noon-4pm):

Have you been wanting to learn to be a Scribe?  Would you like a chance to play with paint and paper?  Would you like help from an experienced scribe?  Well , I will be bringing Scribal Playtime to Pax!  Join me inside GCC for the afternoon. I will have all you need available, including books to get inspiration!   Join me for some fun!

In service,

THL Eleanore Godwin

Silent Auction (noon – 4pm):


Silent Auction to be held at PAX!
I am going to try something a little different and have a “Buy It Now” price on items as well as the bidding.
Items will be accepted day of. Please make sure they are clean and usable.
The auction will be located in the area with the merchants.

The proceeds to benefit Red Shield Hall, where we hold meetings, practices, and social get-togethers for the Barony. Please consider checking it out and purchasing items if you are able.

Anyone with questions about the silent auction should contact Mistress Roberta: Roberta AT thescorre DOT org



Merchants! We have them!!

Aries Designs with stained glass, hand made jewelry, hand made beads and many other items.
Snoods by Moniczka
Happy Pollack Soaps
Losthelm Industries with blacksmithing, chain mail, woodworking and assorted SCA accessories.
Treasures from the Black Orchid (I found them….honest)
An assortment of SCA useful items including garments, fabric, leather, jewelry, etc.
Backlog Scrolls will be displayed in the merchant area from shortly after morning court until approx 5pm.

If you are interested in merchanting, please contact Mistress Roberta.
We still have space, but I need a table count.
Roberta AT thescorre DOT org


  • Light snacky bits to be provided with the heat in mind.
  • Locker rooms with showers will be available for changing.
  • Toddler sized playground available for the wee ones
  • Plenty of indoor space to cool off or take shelter if the weather turns soggy

Site Rules:


  • Due to site rules, we are unable to provide a lunch or feast at PAX this year.
  • People should plan to bring their own food for the day.
  • We will be providing some water stations with individual, pre-packaged salty snacks, but no meals or side-boards.

Additional Notes on Weapons:

  • Weapons for martial activities ARE allowed: Bows and arrows, throwing weapons, fencing blades, while the martial activities are taking place. (No, you don’t have to rush them to and from your vehicle once said activities end.)
  • Ceremonial Weapons ONLY (other than martial weapons as stated above): Royal or Vigil Guards and Elevation Escorts may carry these for ceremonial purposes, but they MUST be peace-knotted and remain in their sheathes at all times.
  • There are no restrictions on the Sword of State: Please use The Sword of State responsibly.

Other Items of Note:

  • Court is planned for outside. Please bring your own chairs.
  • If it rains heavily, we will have some activities indoors (fighting/fencing/court/A&S/etc)


Mail-In RSVP – CLOSED! Please bring cash or check and pay at the door.

Please mail checks to:
Agnes Zwie Bruchen (Michelle Yates)
387 Angelus Drive
Rochester, NY 14622
(716) 208-5891 (No calls after 7pm please)
Make checks payable to: “SCA NY, Inc – Barony of Thescorre”

Online RSVP Now AVAILABLE! – ONLY til Midnight tonight! 7-5-22!!

Click HERE for online reservations. – HURRY!

Registration Fees:

Adult registration: $15
Adult member Registration: $10
Children 17 and under are free!