Pax Interruptus

PAX Interruptus 2020 – Virtually!

While our Traditional In-Person Event has been cancelled this year

The Barony of Thescorre is proud to present:


PAX Schedule:

See Full Schedule HERE (<–Click Link)

For Login information, Please contact our Webminister (<–Click Link)

**PLEASE DO NOT SHARE login information on any public platform (social media, webpage, etc)***

Weedwalk by Sadira:

Since we can’t gather at the campground, come and join me in my garden and field of weeds – I mean “lawn” – for a virtual weedwalk, featuring food, medicine and tool plants that can be found in this area! Videography by Nezhah.

The revised handout that would have been for Pennsic 2020 can be accessed online HERE (<–Click Link)

along with poison plant handouts, originally intended for Child Care students who wanted to open home day care centers, which may be handy for parents in this time of “crisis schooling”, which can be found at the two links below:

All the Pretty Poisons (<–Click Link)

Common Poisonous Plants and Lookalikes (<–Click Link)

Wash Your Hands! by Gwenhwyvar Thredegold: 

If you want to “play along”, you’ll need

  • a bar or two of your favorite soap
  • Wool roving or Felting Wool in whatever colors you want

This is a kid-friendly project! Gwen

14th C Parti-Colored Cotehardie, History and Construction by Gwen Cooke:

Have you ever wanted to know a bit about the history of those lovely, multi-color dresses we see folks wearing at events? Ever wanted to display your heraldry in an absolutely stunning fashion? Ever wanted to hide geeky references to your favorite things in some of the most comfortable garb you’ll ever own? Come on over to the Cotehardie class!
The class will discuss history, documentation, the steps to create, and even the hand-sewing techniques that will help your clothing hold up for years of events!

Their Excellencies Sitting in State:

Their Excellencies would love to have time to speak with those in the populace, local or not. If you would like to stop in, there will be a waiting room and you will be admitted as the last person leaves. Please be patient in the waiting room. His Excellency and Nikki, Their head retainer, will be working to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Middle Eastern Drumming:

Join our Baron, Baroness, and the Thescorre Drummers for a little time in the drum circle! Feel free to join in and dance with them at home!

Thescorre’s Epic Fighters:

A video/slide show of Thescorre’s marshal arts and those who take part in them. The video will be streamed at the scheduled time for the Pax event, but will be available for viewing at a later date for others who missed it. Run Time: 7 mins 26 sec

This is Thescorre – A Slide Show:

This video shares all things “Thescorre”. It is an over-time story of Thescorre as a whole, rather than just Pax related images, though many of the images are from Pax events. Run Time: 7 mins 19 sec

Pax Through the Ages – A Slide Show:

This is a narrative slide-show encompassing over 35 years of Pax events. Includes images of our long tradition of Investitures at this great event. Come see where we came from…and where we are headed. Run Time: 8 mins 50 sec


Please enter with video on (if you would like), but MUTED. We would request that you remain muted for the entire court, so that the recipients have the ability to hear their award wording. Please use the “Chat” function in Zoom if you would like to “Vivat” someone or comment on a scroll. Thank you for your help keeping court running smoothly.


Come join us for a lovely Fire-Side Bardic. We ask that you mute when you join so that those performing will not be interrupted. We will be using the “Raise Your Hand” function in AE Zoom to process requests to perform. When you are selected to perform, you will be asked to unmute and your video will be the “spotlight” video, allowing everyone to watch the performance. Please be respectful of others’ performances and use the “Chat” function to comment or Vivat. Thank you all for trying out something old in a new way!


PAX Merchants:

We all know how hard this pandemic has been for small business. With SCA events being cancelled throughout the summer and for much of the rest of the year, our merchants could really use your help. So check out these merchants who support our local SCA community in many different ways. Thank you for your continuing support of our merchant community through this difficult time. Together, we can get through this!

Pax Merchant Page (<–Click Link Here)

For those who have provided content, THANK YOU!

Don’t forget to fill out a Photographer Grant of Use Form (<– Click here for new ONLINE form!) for the pictures and/or videos you sent me. If you are not the owner (photographer/videographer) of the image/video, please, if possible, ask the photographer/videographer to fill out the online form. Thank you all for your help in keeping us compliant!

For those people who are subjects of the photos/videos, please fill out the Subject Release Form(<–Click here for new ONLINE form!). If you are in images with other people, I do NOT need a form from you, but if you are in an image alone or with only one other person, please fill out the form so I can have it on file. Thank You!!

IMPORTANT – If you see an image of yourself or your immediate family, in ANY of the videos or slideshows or ANYWHERE on this site, that you would like removed, PLEASE contact the webminister (<–Click link here) and they will remove the image as soon as possible.

We would like to thank the following people for providing content for the videos and slideshows for this event, along with those who have given of their time to help with organization of the event. The growing list is below:

Photos: Sadira, Steffan, Katja, Orianna, Fridrikr, Ekat, Nez

Organization: Amelot (class gathering), Eldjarn (fighter video requests/gathering), Nez (image gathering/event scheduling)

Video/Slide Show Creation: Nez

Event Host: Nez via AE Zoom (thank you Amalie, et al!)

Scrolls: Thescorre Scribes, to be updated in thanks after the event.

Court: Nikki, Andrew, Eldjarn, Dubheasa, Nez

This is new to all of us, so please be patient as we explore new ways to hold events.

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful community and STAY SAFE!