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PAX Interruptus 2019


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Update 5-7-2019 (Lunch):

Greetings from the lunch cooks of Pax

Pax is less than two months away. While the kitchen staff and I are diligently working on finalizing the menu, we would like to remind everyone that lunch will be available to all.
I would the request that those with food allergies or intolerances please email me at Andrew at Thescorre dot org.
Please put ‘Pax allergies’ in the subject line. I will respond within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email from me please resend AFTER 24 hours. Please do so even if I personally know you and know of your allergies.
Thank you all and the menu should be posted by the end of the month.
Lord Andrew of Thescorre <–Click link for email contact

Update 4-15-2019 (Heavy Fighting):

From the MIC, there will be a Heavy Tournament Friday night.

Sir Hagar is doing his Roadshow: Please create something by your own hand for entrance to the Tournament.

Tournament will start when fighters are on the field Friday night 6pm or so.

Lord Corbinus DeCuvis

Pax Interruptus  The Good Ole’ Days. July 5-7 2019

It is time to remember the reason why you enjoy our SCA world.  What was the first event you went to? The first battle you fought in or watched?  What were  you feeling as you entered the list for the first time? Do you have a NSTIW story that you want to share one more time? When did you realize your “costume” is now garb? We all had those moments, come and share them at Pax Interruptus.  As once more the drums of war echo across time calling their song to all warriors. They lure all to come and join The Barony of Thescorre. We come together to prepare for the battles we will face at Pennsic, by remembering the ones we have won and the warriors we have lost, at our annual Pax Interruptus camping event.

Join Our Baroness and Baron, July 5 to 7, 2019, at Genesee Country Campground, 40 Flint Hill Rd., Caledonia, NY 14423.

The site opens at 3 pm Friday and closes at noon on Sunday.

We will have both heavy weapons and fencing melees, archery, and thrown weapons on Saturday to show the martial prowess of our Kingdom as we get ready for War. A revelry of song and storytelling around a fire, on Saturday night, will complete the celebrations. In addition, on Friday, a torchlight tourney will be held at dusk. We ask that each person entering this list fight in honor of a fallen warrior or loved one.

Site Information:

Day visitors are encouraged to bring pavilions for shade.

Merchants are welcome at no additional charge, but must bring their own setup.

Open flames are also allowed, and fires can be built in the designated areas of the campground. Please be advised that fires are permitted ONLY within existing fire rings.

The Campgrounds DO NOT ALLOW any fireworks. Anyone who who violates this will be asked to leave.

The site is discreetly damp. 

The field and camping area do not have water or electric.

Please plan to bring enough water to meet your needs.

Dogs are permitted on leash with proof of license and vaccinations, to be presented upon check in, and must be cleaned up after.

Trash must be disposed of in the dumpster by the camp store before leaving site. Bins for recycling are also available.

The camp store carries some groceries, ice, and wood. It is located in the same building as the flush toilets and showers.

A  change from prior years: There is no charge for the side board. This meal will be provided by proficient hands of Andrew Patton, 512 Plank Rd Webster NY 14580.585-747-6915 (no calls after 9 pm).

There is NO feast.


Adult Registration: $20.00

Adult Member Discounted Rate: $15.00

Children 6-14 Registration: $5.00

Children 5 and under: Free


Pre-registration for this event is encouraged; so our cook has accurate numbers for lunch.

Please make checks payable to: SCA-NY Inc., Barony of Thescorre

Send to: Mistress Matilda Bosvyle (Jean Valentine 208 Red Lion Road, Henrietta, NY 14467-9556)

Camping is available both Friday and Saturday nights. We will have space for tents with ample port-a-castles scattered throughout, as well as room for RV camping with hookups. The site offers a limited number of cabins up by the camp store, within an easy walk of full bathroom facilities. RV camping and cabins are additional, both to be reserved with the site:

Genesee Country Campground Website <–click link

Phone: 1-585-538-4200


For any questions about the event, please contact the autocrat:

Lady Marguerite de Neufchastau <–click link for email

Phone: 315-947-6968

All marshal questions may be sent to the marshal-in-charge:

Lord Corbinus de Cuvis <–click link for email

Phone: 315-947-6968