Pax Interruptus

PAX Interruptus ILIV (2022)

and Baronial Investiture

Thescorre, Andriu, Nez Banner

To Arms!!! To Arms!!!

The drums of war are sounding again, and no louds do they sound in the avian lands of Thescorre!!!
Join us Saturday July 9th for a day or Archery, Thrown Weapons, Armored Combat, Youth Combat and Fencing!!!
Ply the merchants’ wares with your well-earned coin in preparation for war!!!

With Baronness Dubheasa Inghean Dubgaill and Baron Eldjarn the Thoughtful stepping down from their thrones you may bear witness as her Excellency Nuzha bint Saleem and Lord Andriú mac Domnaill of ascending on Ravens Wings to take their place!!!

This event will be held at Genesee Community College 1 College Rd, Batavia, NY 14020
(Same location as Ice Dragon)


The Honorable Lord Angus the Bull (585) 314-4340 (No calls after 7pm please)


Archery Tournament details:
Shoots include:
Period Royal Rounds
Advancing man that actually advances!
3D Animal Hunt
Prizes for:
Best Handbow,
Best Crossbow
Best Period archer
Best Youth

Details regarding other martial activities to follow!!!


  • Light snacky bits to be provided with the heat in mind.
  • Locker rooms with showers will be available for changing.
  • Toddler sized playground available for the wee ones
  • Plenty of indoor space to cool off or take shelter if the weather turns soggy

Site Rules:

Additional Notes on Weapons:

  • Weapons for martial activities ARE allowed: Bows and arrows, throwing weapons, fencing blades, while the martial activities are taking place. (No, you don’t have to rush them to and from your vehicle once said activities end.)
  • Ceremonial Weapons ONLY (other than martial weapons as stated above): Royal or Vigil Guards and Elevation Escorts may carry these for ceremonial purposes, but they MUST be peace-knotted and remain in their sheathes at all times.
  • There are no restrictions on the Sword of State: Please use The Sword of State responsibly.


Online SARS Payment system OR
you can mail checks to:
Agnes Zwie Bruchen (Michelle Yates)
387 Angelus Drive
Rochester, NY 14622
(716) 208-5891 (No calls after 7pm please)
Make checks payable to: “SCA NY, Inc – Barony of Thescorre”

Adult registration: $15
Adult member Registration: $10
Children 17 and under are free!