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Market Day in Thescorre!

This past Saturday we had another of our wonderful Market Days. There was much going on and everyone who came out had a great time. There was a Mustard Making class, Dancing and Drumming, a class on proper knife skills with a tutorial on soup making, and a pot-luck lunch!

If you haven’t stopped out to a Market Day yet, you’re missing out. You definitely don’t want to miss next month!

Check out below for images of some of the classes this past weekend.

*Images Courtesy of our Seneschal – Matilda Bosvyle.*


Prize Tourney Prizes Needed!

The Barony will be running Prize Tourneys at each of our upcoming Market Days – Youth Combat on Sunday March 23rd and Fencing on Saturday April 20th, with Archery, Thrown Weapons, Heavy Combat, and Arts and Sciences later this year. Many of you supported this idea in its earliest stage, and now we need your contributions to entice the competition! I’m looking for promissory donations of prizes, from which each winner may choose one; be it a dessert item made by you at a later date, a heraldic banner you customize for the winner, or a leather pouch made by your favorite merchant. Prizes should be SCA related and valued at $20 or more(including labor). It doesn’t have to be strictly monetary – get creative! Offer your services as a retainer for a given event.

All I need right now is your promise, a description of your donation that will be written on a card, along with your contact information for the winner to claim their prize. Promissory donations will be retained until selected by a tournament winner, or until you choose to withdraw the offer. If you want to extend an offer only for a particular tournament, that’s fine! Please email Matilda with your donation information.

Eldjarn and Dubheasa

9th Baron and Baroness of Thescorre

Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa
Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa

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