To the official website of The Barony of Thescorre, the Rochester, NY group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Kingdom of Aethelmearc. Home of the three ravens, Thought, Memory, and Bob.

From Our Chatelaine:

We are looking to put in an application to have space at the Rochester Maker’s Faire (Saturday, November 23rd) so we can show the community all the wonderful things we do in the Society and in Thescorre. The application is due October 21st (quick turn around this time!). Who would be interested in showing off made items and talking about what we do? Please respond with what you would like to show off so we know what we have to offer! Thank you!

In service,
Lady Gwen Cooke (<– Clink Link to Reply)

Congratulations Champs!

Many thanks to all of our Baronial Champs for coming out and showing the rest of the kingdom what makes Thescorre so great! You all did us proud.

A special congrats to Eric and Emily, our two new 7 Pearls Champs! They bring home the Gob (Bardic) and the Buckler (Rapier) for another year! Great job everyone! Vivat and Bob Raef!!


Heavy Weapons and Rapier (Fencing) Practice have moved inside. Please see the calendar for details.

Youth Practice has moved inside. Please see the calendar for details.


Eldjarn and Dubheasa

9th Baron and Baroness of Thescorre

Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa
Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa

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