To the official website of The Barony of Thescorre, the Rochester, NY group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Kingdom of Aethelmearc. Home of the three ravens, Thought, Memory, and Bob.


Youth Practice on hiatus until 9-5-2019

Heavy Weapons Practice has moved inside. Please see the calendar for details.

Market Day is Here Again!

Don’t miss out on our last outdoor Market Day of the season! September 14th is our next Market Day – At the Bergen Castle. Come out and help make benches for the Barony to use at Red Shield Hall. Enjoy the afternoon at the Bergen Castle and bring a dish to pass to share a meal with friends. Please wear garb if you have it, or contact our gold key to request some. Can’t wait to see you all there!


Eldjarn and Dubheasa

9th Baron and Baroness of Thescorre

Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa
Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa

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