Due to the COVID-19 concerns in our area and the current State of Emergency in Monroe County, Thescorre is suspending all in-person activities. Please see the calendar and check back here for updates about online alternatives as they become available. We will endeavor to keep this site up to date as things unfold so that our people may remain as safe as possible during this time. Please, as always, stay safe, be kind, and wash your hands 🙂

****Business Meetings will be held online****

Information about how to join our online meetings will be sent out in a timely fashion so that as many people may participate as are able and interested.

A Missive From Their Excellencies


To the official website of The Barony of Thescorre, the Rochester, NY group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Kingdom of Aethelmearc. Home of the three ravens, Thought, Memory, and Bob.

Eldjarn and Dubheasa

9th Baron and Baroness of Thescorre

Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa
Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa

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