Thescorre Baronage

Andriu and Nez

Andrew Nez Longhouse
Image by: Nik of All Trades, LLC

Greetings from Nuzha and Andriú!

We hope that this missive finds you in health and joy, surrounded by those you love.

The holidays are upon us and thus begins another long winter in our fair Barony. We know that the cold months here can get lonely and dark, but we hope that our populus will reach out to one another and join together, as we are all able, to enjoy some of the sites, sounds, and cozy events in the area. There is much going on, though not necessarily SCAdian, so seek out local arts/craft shows, wonderful lights displays, or even just have a little cooking day with a friend. A little togetherness goes a long way to stave off the chilly weather.

And if you find yourself free on a Thursday night, stop out to Red Shield Hall and watch our great Thescorre fighters as they train for the coming year.

His Excellency and I are always available by email (baronage AT thescorre DOT org) and we would be happy to help you get small groups together to visit a local festivity or just to chat if you need an ear (as we all do at some point over the winter). This goes double if you have ideas for what you would like to see happening in the Barony. We are here to make things happen for all of you, so let us know what you want to see and we will work on it.

It is also that time of year again! We need nominations for awards. We do have a few – Thank you to those who have already put in nominations – but we can always use more!
To fill out the nomination form, go HERE.

If you already have a Baronial award, please let us know so we can create accurate polling lists.
We have a form for that too! You can find it

There aren’t a lot of events for the next couple months, but we would like to invite everyone to join us at Hael Investiture on December 17th, to welcome our new Cousyns, Thalia and Magnus to the Baronial Thrones. It looks like it will be a wonderful event, full of camaraderie, so we hope to see many of you there.

We look forward to C3R in February, which is being co-autocratted by Gwen and Torbjorn. It is shaping up to be a lovely virtual/mixed media event. You won’t want to miss it!

Thank you all for supporting one another and the Barony, even in times of plague and darkness. It is only by the warmth of each other’s care that we will see the bright summer months come again to our lands.

Happiest of Holidays to All and Ever in Service,

Baron Andriú and Baroness Nuzha







Iced Coffee
Scotch Ale




Color: Purple or Green
Themes: Moons and Nature



(None are serious. I just can’t eat these items personally. Please make Andriu beef. He loves it.)

Beef (and beef broth)
Sensitivity to shellfish (sea salt is fine, other fish are fine)



Hot Decaf or Half-Caff Coffee
Dry or semi-dry wines (red or white)


If it’s not beef, I’m probably going to eat it.


Color: Red or Blue, but I am VERY fond of rainbows
Themes: Suns. I love all things found in nature, like flowers and bugs or small animals. (Please do not give me kittens or other living things. LOL! But I enjoy when others share their pets.)

Our SCA History:

Melinda grew up in the 19th Ward, in the city of Rochester – around the block from the Patton (Andy’s) Household. The two have known each other since childhood and their families have been close for many years. It is not surprising that they both would come to enjoy working on events together as well. What was surprising is that while Nez was born into the SCA (c1980), Andriu was not introduced to it until he moved 4 hours away, to Potsdam, for college, becoming a member of the college group associated with the Shire of Northern Outpost in the fall of 1996. In the winter of 1997, Andriu came home for break to work in Nez’s first SCA kitchen, at UWEKAT (now C3R), where he met his now wife and helped a lot more than he believes to this day. 😊

In the Fall of 1998, Melinda joined Andy at Potsdam and enjoyed the camaraderie of the members of the Shire of Northern Outpost. It wasn’t long before she longed for home, however, and moved back to her beloved Rochester.

For the next 10 yrs, Nuzha continued to cook feasts, sew garb, work with the ADEPT demo group to bring educational demos to the schools, set up and tear down events, teach dance, build armor (not for her!), form a household, and eventually retire from that household. As you can imagine, this brought on a bit of SCA participation fatigue. Nez was sincerely thinking of taking a long hiatus/finding a new hobby, when Andriu came back to the SCA, full of excitement and joy over having found Thrown Weapons and Cooking, if I recall correctly. Andrew had spent much of the previous ten years as a professional cook and found that SCA kitchens allowed him to enjoy the fun of the craft again. And he brought us over a decade of food safety knowledge and subsequently taught us all how to do better for our feast goers. But it was standing in her kitchen at C3R, at the end of a long night, that Andriu reminded Nez of why people are drawn to the society. The Dream. In his joy and wonder at the newness of it all, Nez could see the spark that had been long missing in her. Andrew encouraged Nez to seek out something new; to reinvent herself in her longtime hobby and learn to enjoy the “game” again. Thus, they became a “unit”, venturing to events all over the Kingdom together, to cook in kitchens, marshal youth fighting, teach, set up, tear down, and generally just create the dream for as many people as possible.

In Mundania:

Andrew is an advisor, working in inventory management and logistics, for an international technology company. He is also a Master certified automotive technician.  Previously, he has been a corporate trainer of sauté and prep cooks for a national restaurant group.

Andrew is married to his beautiful wife, Kristen. Kristen is not a Scadian, but has attended events in the past. Together, they have two energetic and helpful children, Ragnar (MKA Carter) and Arinbjorn (MKA Dylan), who have been attending events since they were infants.

He currently serves as Thescorre Youth Marshal and Voice Herald.

Melinda is an Office Manager for a small tech company in Rochester. She owned a tailor shop for approx. 8yrs, then moved on to construction, electric, and plumbing (her true passions). After 20 years of working as a contract worker, Melinda chose to take on the consistency of a desk job. She still prefers construction and electric to sitting at a desk, but working in the tech field has allowed her to bring digital technology to Thescorre, so she considers that a win.

She is married to her love Kevin, who remains bemused that she drives a truck just to load and unload it every weekend. Kevin is not a Scadian, though he has been known to ferry items for events and set up/tear down when needed. Though the SCA is not his “thing”, he continues to support Melinda’s involvement and help in any way possible (as long as he doesn’t have to wear those funny clothes 😉)

Melinda currently serves as the Thescorre Webminister, Social Media Officer, and Historian.


Our Vision:

Between the two of us, we have well over 40yrs in the SCA. We have seen traditions come and go. We have watched as the brightness and newness has faded for many and we have watched it glow anew for others. It is our sincerest hope to bring that spark – that Dream – to everyone who wishes to participate. Over the last couple years, the SCA has opened new doors to accessible options for many of our members. It has also closed doors to others. We know that neither side of this equation has had an easy road and we would like to honor that. Traditions are beautiful and they matter. Accessibility is necessary and beautiful in its own right. We believe that the way forward is to combine the two. We must incorporate accessible options into our beloved traditions. We must work with those affected (meaning everyone) to create an inclusive, accessible, tradition-filled and joyous Thescorre. Because at the end of it all, this should be fun. It should be meaningful. And we want people to participate for the love of the experience.