Thescorre Baronage

Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa


Baron Eldjarn and Baroness Dubheasa

Request for Largess

Events to be Attended by Their Excellencies

Attended by Their Excellencies:

Summer’s End – 9-22-2018
Harvest Raid/Coronation – 9-29-2018
Rhydderich Hael Baronial Investiture – 12-1-2018

Atended by Her Excellency:

Fall Crown Tourney – 10-6-2018
Agincourt – 10-20-2018
Autumn AE Academy – 11-10-2018

Newest Missive from Our Baron and Baroness:

Another Pennsic War come and gone – here we are working through mountains of laundry and processing the many activities we witnessed or took part in. As usual, it was an extremely busy time for us – especially this year being our first as Baron and Baroness. The usual ups and downs of extended camping along with many new duties to take on. And on top of this, her excellency Dubheasa co-running AEthelmearc hospitality for the second time. Don’t get me wrong, she absolutely loves the task! Helping Their Royal Majesties while meeting and greeting the populace is a treat. Demanding, but a treat nonetheless.

We had a delightful time at the 7 Pearls Dinner. Our ‘Excellent’ cousins made us feel most welcome. Especially with the delicious meal we *both* could enjoy – I’d never had swordfish before… (yum) Our hosts also gifted the attendees with fabric covered camp chairs with Thescorre heraldic placards that will make very useful travel thrones.

We were genuinely astounded at the KW A&S display. I’m the first to admit to being a sucker for masterworks in painting & illumination – I was left speechless by the works from various Kingdoms’ artists. Additionally, there were some displays of other unusual practices to impress – beekeeping, codes, glasswork, fiber arts, stamp art, refreshing beverages, food sweet and savory, metalworking, weaving, etc. etc. Wish I had made more tokens to bestow upon the participants. Kudos to all (especially to Aethelmearc and Newbridge neighbors!) Truly hope to find your work online where even more gentles can see and learn from it!

Thank you to Nikki and Hadia for processing with, and attending me for Opening Ceremonies. You were good company on the field and kept me safely shaded and watered. Also, thank you to the pair who attended Dubheasa at EMS when the heat got to her and she regretfully, but wisely, bowed out of attending same. I, too, had a turn at being hit with a brief but unexpected illness, days later. Our sincere apologies to the youth fighters we sponsored and were unable to see compete. Word reached us that you all did very well and seemed to have a pretty good time. 😉 Please continue your efforts and train up along with the rest of the Thescorre youth. We would be thrilled to include a youth combat tourney as part of Baronial Champs so we can have participants next year as well. Vivant to our next chivalrous generation!

We would like to thank those who spent time gate guarding AE Royal on behalf of Thescorre: Gwen, Torbjorn, Marguerite, and Corbin. Marguerite and Corbin guarded double shifts in true industrious style! Ruffina, along with Grendel mouse, also graciously took on a shift for us. Thanks one and all!

It was my pleasure to process with His Royal Majesty Sven up to the battlefield for the Field battle. Sven is truly a wonderful and inspiring fellow. Thescorre was represented well there by Corbin, Adhe’mar, and Peter O’Meagher. Our forces won 3 of the 5 clashes. Post-battle, I was present for the camaraderie surrounding the knighting of two of Aethelmearc’s fighters. Madison and Hagar.

Thanks also to the archers who mustered to shoot War Points as a group. This was always one of those activities I personally enjoyed during my earlier years with the Barony! Way better than going to the range solo. Corbin, Marguerite, Gwen, Torbjorn, Jesse, Adhe’mar, and ‘Mom and Dad Aardvark’; thank you for coming together. And thank you, Corbin, for honoring me with an archer’s tassel in Thescorre colors. It was a touching gesture that means a great deal, not ever having received one before.

Thanks once again to Otelia (and those who helped her!) for acting as the Baronial land agent. Not just arranging tents, but working hard to get sump holes dug and the improved camp shower up and running. Plus gateway, posts, and sheet walls placed to beautify Thescorre land.

We were delighted to take part in Kingdom court and be witness to, among other recognitions, young Draven being awarded his Award of Arms – Vivats and Bob Raef to ‘dark’ Lord Draven. 😉

During Our Baronial Court, we acknowledged the helpfulness of Draven and Teela with Raven’s Eggs. Heeding the advice of the Order of the Raven’s Feather and Order of the Broche, we inducted Peter O’Meagher and Nicole du Marais into those Orders, respectively. It was our extreme pleasure to recognize Sadira bint Wassouf with the Award of Muninn for her decades of dedication, skill, and leadership within Thescorre. We shared mutual goodwill with our extended family amongst Newbridge and Moritu via various gifts. We also acknowledged the charity of the populace for their help and support of others.

We wish to acknowledge those who gathered to help set up Thescorre camp. Rich, Nikki, Jesse, Katie, Sasha, Timothy, Alison, Oley, and all the others who pitched in to get the job done.

There were countless Thescorreans who aided others with tasks, taught, supported artisans, freely gave words of wisdom and support, carried loads for those in need, stepped up to volunteer where needed, shared food, offered drinks to hydrate and keep people well and safe, and so much more. Thescorre may be known as industrious, but our kindness and charity to everyone is equally important. The people of our barony never cease to amaze us and make us proud! The Society is better with you here maintaining and improving this wonderful community which we hold dear. Vivant Thescorreans!

The 7 Pearls competition was this past weekend. The change of the event’s date conflicted with vacations and other set events for many of Thescorre’s champions, including ourselves, with my daughter’s move in day for college. Thankfully, two of our champions completed the long journey to West Virginia’s Blackstone Mt. (as well as Her Excellency, due to a last minute carpool- Thank you to Delftwood for their support). We presented personal favors to Thescorre’s champions to carry with them as a reminder of the support We and the people of Thescorre have for them and wished them good luck in their competitions. Padraig and Boudica represented our Barony with the greatest honor and endurance. We hope it was a sensational experience for you! Congratulations, once again, to Boudica on becoming the new 7 Pearls Bardic Champion. 🙂

— Eldjarn and Dubheasa

Contact Options:

Baron Eldjarn
Baroness Dubheasa
Baron and Baroness of Thescorre
Nicole du Marais – Head Retainer


Allergies: (deep breath)
Bell Peppers
Hot Peppers
*Please Note: Anaphylactic Reaction to ALL OF THE ABOVE- Please check ALL ingredients listed on packaging and note that listing of ‘spices’ often includes these allergens. Please refrain from using spice “mixes” as often as possible as these may inadvertently cause an issue by not listing, but still including, the items listed above.
**Please Also Note: As these allergies are SEVERE, please refrain from cooking or otherwise causing these allergens to become airborne within event halls, as this will also cause a severe allergic reaction to occur. Thank you for your understanding!

Non-Food Related Allergen: Bug Repellents (containing DEET)


Bottled Water (No Nestle products please)
Unsweetened Iced Tea
Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

Cheese (except Blue or Limburger)
Nuts (specifically peanuts, almonds, and cashews)
Dark Chocolate (No Nestle products please)
Fresh Fruit (especially strawberries, honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and apples)


Color: Purple
Themes: Bats, Arthuriana


Sugary Products (exception-chocolate)
Sandalwood or Pine-Scented Items

Contact Baroness Dubheasa with any questions.


Allergies: NONE


Iced Tea
Ginger Beer
Red Wine (Cabernet)
Beer (Lagers)
Tea with Honey
Fruit Juice or Lemonade

Chocolate (dark or milk-No Hershey or Nestle products please)
Fresh Fruits (especially pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, red grapes, honey crisp or empire apples, honeydew melon)
Cheese (especially Gouda, Kerrygold Dubliner, Jarlsberg or Emmentaler Swiss, Stilton)
Bacon-Yes, please!
Vegetables(mushrooms-fresh or sauteed, snap peas, carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, sweet potato)
Red Pepper Hummus (especially with multi-grain or whole wheat bread/chips)
Dates and Figs
Nuts (especially peanuts, cashews, and pistachios)
Beef Jerky (especially sweet BBQ)
Cookies-Lemon Oreos, Ginger/Molasses, Welsh Griddle Cakes


Color: Deep Red, Black
Themes: Mermaids, Nautical


Spicy (high Scoville rated) Dishes
Soda (Exception-Ginger Beer or Mixers)
Coffee (no, this doesn’t make me a monster-please enjoy yours!)

Contact Baron Eldjarn with any questions.