Dance and Drum

***Dance and Drum is on Hold Until Further Notice****

The rythmic thrum of fingers on a dhumbek…
The gentle sway of hips and arms…

Since 2004, Thescorre’s dance and drum troupe has shared a love for Middle Eastern music and dance-primarily folkloric style, heavily influenced by Turku and SCA dance and drum community.

Our sessions are laidback and friendly, with gentle instruction to new drummers and dancers and joyous welcome to experienced musicians and dancers. And not just drummers — we welcome those who can play the oud, flute, zills, etc.

Dance and drum veils are available to try at our sessions.

Drumming is incredibly grounding and energizing, while bellydance is a powerful, beautiful form of expression that can be gentle or invigorating. Come and jam with us!

Monthly sessions occur on the fourth Monday of each month from 7pm to 9pm, with different members hosting around the Barony at different times of the year.

Reminders of current meeting location are posted each month on the Thescorre Yahoo discussion list and the Thescorre Facebook Group.

For more information about drumming, contact Carlo.
For more information about dancing, contact Katja.

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