Welcome to our group!

We’re glad you stopped by our page to learn about who we are and what we do. So let’s cover some of that.

Who we are:

Our members come from all walks of life. We have teachers, computer programmers, historians, gamers, bibliophiles…everyone you can think of. Thre is no real requirement to becoming a member-except that you be interested in what we do and try to participate in some fashion. This could mean that you simply come to events and enjoy what has been planned. Everyone who participates enhances the fun for others.

How to Find Us:

Website: You’re here!

Facebook: Barony of Thescorre Page – You’ll find event announcements and official business here. Feel free to like us and follow the Page to get updates on our local events.

Facebook: Barony of Thescorre Group – This is where you can find other members. It is a public group, so feel free to join in the conversation and gather some information from our members there.

See each activity for their separate Facebook Groups. Or visit the Barony of Thescorre Page and look under “groups”.

Email List: Yahoo Groups – Thescorre – This is our official email list. Updates about meetings and cancellations are shared here. Please go to the page and ask to join. The webminister will approve your request as soon as they are able. If you are not approved within 24hrs, please contact the webminister.

Other Important Websites:

Aethelmearc Webpage – Please see this page for “kingdom” information. This site covers a larger (but still fairly local) area and you can find more events and get togethers that are in nearby towns and states.

SCA Website – Please see this site for all major governing information about the Society for Creative Anachronism. This is the site that covers all SCA activity in the US and abroad.

What we do:

We “recreate” pre-1600s life. You’ll notice that “recreate” appears in quotes. This is because we understand that some things are better left in the past. Not bathing on a regular basis, for instance. So what DO we create/recreate?
We are a group of people who enjoy history. We love to learn about all things pre-1600s and we like to try our best to recreate those items and that atmosphere as best we can in the 21st century.


We research weapons and their uses and we have created ways to use them in similar fashions to how the originals were used, but without hurting anyone in the process. It is for this reason that we do not use live steel in our fighting “reenactment”. Instead, we use weapon styles we have created to be safe alternatives so that we can recreate the movement styles, tournaments, and battles of the past. And a word on that. We differ from traditional reenactment groups in that we do not directly recreate what has been done before (not every time). We do research and create items and experiences that “could” have happened. This allows us to include new people quicker, in that you do not have to be a history buff at your first event.
We research foods and recipes and create feasts that are similar to what would have existed. Obviously we cannot use some ingredients as they are now known to be poisonous or dangerous (like outdoor-rotted fish-ew!). But instead, we learn what these items were like-even if that means making some of the dangerous foods and figuring out what they are like so we can recreate them in a safe manner. We cook feasts for our participants to enjoy and to help fill out the atmosphere.
There are arts researchers who delve into spinning, weaving, sewing, painting, singing, storytelling-anything you can think of.
So if you like history or the arts or sciences of the past, we are likely the group for you. Stop in to one of our Newcomers Nights and meet some of our members. We often have examples of things we do and can certainly talk to you about whatever you think you might enjoy.



You will be required to comply with this policy at all times. Please be aware of this before visiting our groups or events. Thank you for your understanding and for your compliance.