Gold Key

Welcome to the Thescorre Gold Key!

We know it can be hard, when you first find the SCA, to acquire enough clothing to attend an event. But we want you to start enjoying your time in the SCA right away. So we have gathered together outfits and dishes to help start you on your path with us. You can borrow items easily by contacting our officer in charge of our Gold Key <–Click Link. They will happily help get you the items you require. Just be sure to bring them back to us so we can help the next new person get started.

Below are some FAQs to get you started:

Q: I want to go to a Society for Creative Anachronism event, but I can’t go because I don’t have a costume, right?
A: The Rochester branch of the SCA – The Barony of Thescorre – has a large collection of loaner garb (the term we use for the outfits we wear to events) specifically for lending to new people going to their first events. We call this the Gold Key. We also have loaner feast gear (plates, bowls, cups, napkins, and silverware) for those planning on attending lunch or feast (dinner)

Outfits and feast gear can be borrowed for a $20 deposit, which is refunded promptly upon return of the items after the event.

Q: What kind of garb do you have?
A: Most styles and cultures within our period of study from simple Norse (Viking) tunics and pants to more elaborate Italian Renaissance or Elizabethan outfits to even some Turkish and Mongol coats. Whether you want something simple or something fancier, we probably have something in your size.

Q: What sizes and genders?
A: All genders, plus children and teens, in sizes from small through extra large.

Q: How can I borrow some garb?
A: Contact Katja, who maintains the collection at her home in a northwest suburb of Rochester.

Q: What do I need to tell her?
A: She needs to know:

  1. What event you want to attend (ie: College of Three Ravens, Pax Interruptus, etc)
  2. How many adults and/ or children want to attend?
  3. Their approximate sizes (ie: ladies medium, male XL, thin 01-year-old boy, toddler, etc)

**Note: We don’t have standard size labels on garb because it’s all handmade, so descriptions of size, weight, and height will help greatly.