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****Cooks Guild is On Hold Until Further Notice****

Founded in 1978, by the late Baroness Mistress Michaele del Vaga, the Thescorre Cauldron Bleu Cooks Guild has a well-deserved reputation in Aethelmearc for creating delicious period food locally as well as helping in kitchens throughout the kingdom for over four decades.

The guild’s main purpose is to train and educate new cookery students in the planning, purchasing, and preparation of medieval feasts, but we also share the love of baking, cooking, preserving, and otherwise learning cooking techniques and trying new recipes. We provide research help for experimenting and documenting recipes for A&S displays, faires, and competitions, as well as offer a supporting audience for cooks preparing handouts for a new class.

Anyone who cooks and participates in the meetings and/or feast kitchens is a member of the guild. No fee, SCA title, or cooking experience is necessary. Meetings generally focus on feast menu planning, recipe redaction, food prep for upcoming feasts, or discussion of medieval food research. Sometimes, we bake period cookies for upcoming vigils, Pennsic parties, or other events.

The meetings have taken place at a number of different homes over the past three decades, and currently take place at Sadira’s, Katja’s, and others’ homes. For information on the current time/date/location of the meetings, please contact Katja.

All are welcome, including children if parents stay with them.

Join the Thescorre Cauldron Bleu Cooks Guild discussion group on Facebook to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn where upcoming sessions will be held.

New cooks are mentored by an experienced head cook to prepare a lunch or feast in Thescorre. Want to cook a meal? Come to a guild meeting or join the Facebook group to find an experienced cook who will have your back and help you server a delicious, successful meal!

Below are some links that may interest you, including a link to our “Raven Family Recipes” page, which contains recipes submitted by the populace of Thescorre for general use. Thank you again to those who have contributed.

Raven Family Recipes

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