Raven Family Recipes


This page has been created as a simple way to share “family” recipes. We in Thescorre are well known for our love of cooking. But what is cooking if we don’t share it? And secret recipes die with you, which seems a waste. So we have decided to create a forum in which our favorite recipes-to eat and/or to make-may be shared. The recipes have been divided into “SCAdian/Medieval” and “Modern”. If you have a recipe you would like to have shared here, please contact the Webminister and they will add it to this page. For those contributing, please know that our plan is to let people enjoy making your favorite items and to share knowledge overall, not to take ownership of your recipes. For those using these recipes-If you share these recipes, please note their source. Thank you to everyone for your help in making this happen!

Period Recipes

Modern Recipes