Heavy Fighting

**Heavy Fighting – Weekly on Thursdays**

The SCA was founded on tournament style, heavy armored combat, supported by the medieval social ideals of honor and chivalry. This is an unscripted, full contact sport with clearly defined rules for combat, weapon and armor standards to protect combatants and spectators. We hold weekly practice to learn techniques, train and hone our skills in both attack and defense, individual and tactical unit fighting. Each practice includes the opportunity to build or repair armor, and improve conditioning for the combat events we participate in; tournaments large and small, melee and battle scenarios where every body and every blow counts. We fight for sport. We fight for Honor and Glory. We fight for the King. We fight to BE King.

Heavy Fighting is open to adults 18 and older (16-17 year olds must have a parent present), non-SCA members must sign a waiver to participate. By attending practice, you gain the experience needed to learn the requirements for safety, and combat techniques to become a fully authorized heavy combat fighter, eligible to compete at events; we can help you get there. There is some loaner gear available for use at practice until you are ready to build your own. To learn more and try out the sport of heavy armor combat please join us at practice! Observers are always welcome.

Practice is held on Thursday evenings, 7pm at Red Shield Hall, 936 Exchange St, Rochester NY.

See Map Below:

Map of Red Shield Hall

Please contact the knight marshal with any questions or concerns. Contact form HERE.

Please see our SCA Inc Participation Disclaimer HERE.

And the SCA Bullying and Harassment Policy can be found HERE.

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