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Baronial Forms:

Application For Baronial Office – PDF
Application For Baronial Office – Word Doc

Forms for Running Events:

Site Form  – This form contains a checklist of items generally sought after for local sites. Print and fill out to keep for your records or share with the group.

Reimbursement Form – Used by those running an event or activity, if they need to be repaid for any out-of-pocket expenses, such as food or supplies.

Cash Advance Form – Used by those requesting funds ahead of an event or activity, to be used for items purchased for an event or for supplies for a Baronial Activity.

Event Proposal Form (fillable) – If you have an idea of what type of event you’d like to see the Barony have, you are always welcome to create an event bid using this form and present it to the Barony at one of our Business Meetings. If you would like to know the current event schedule for the Barony, you can email our seneschal: seneschal AT thescorre DOT org.
Event Proposal Form (printable)

Event Budget Report Form – This form is used to keep in-detail reports of the cost of an event and should be presented to the Barony for each event.

Event Report Form – This is the reporting form which should be filled out and submitted to the seneschal once an event has happened and all accounting has been completed.

Generic Troll Sheet – For use checking people into events.

Tollner Checklist– A basic checklist of useful/required items for a tollner to have at checkin.

Kingdom General Use Forms:

Name, Device, Badges, etc Forms:

If you would like to submit a Name, Device, or Badge (among other things), please see the link below for the most up to date forms and procedures:

Kingdom Herald

Heraldic Forms For Individuals:

Printable Name Submission Form

Fillable PDF of Name Submission Form

Printable Device Submission Form

Fillable PDF Device Submission Form

Marshal Forms:

For the most up to date Marshalate Forms (Fighting Auth, Marshal Auth, etc), please visit the link below:

Marshal Forms – ALL

Fighting Authorization Form:

Authorization Form

For Marshal Waivers (Rosters, Adult/Minor Consent, Medical, etc), please follow the link below:

Marshal Waivers – ALL

Release Forms:

Grant of Use Forms