Forms for Running Events:

Reimbursement Form

Cash Advance Form

Event Proposal Form

Grant of Use Forms (Photograher/Subject Releases):

When submitting a picture or pictures to the webminister for inclusion on this site, please send a copy of one or both of the following forms, whichever is appropriate for the submission, or we will not be able to post your pictures here. For more information on what requires a Grant of Use form, please see the Kingdom Page (<–Click Here) Thank you for your help with this and thank you for your wonderful pictures!

You may use either the online fillable forms, sent linked to an email from your personal account. This will count as your signature since there is no current way to sign the form online. OR you may fill out the new Grant of Use form, which submits directly to our webminister once completed. Either is acceptable. See links below for form options. Thank You!

Grant of Use Online Fillable PDFs:

These forms may be filled out, saved as a PDF, and then sent from your personal email. You do not need to sign them as long as you send from your personal email and write your full SCA and Mundane names at the bottom of the email. This will count as your signature on the form.

Photographer Grant of Use Form
Subject Grant of Use Form

Grant of Use Email Form (NEW):

These forms are in an easy-to use format that submits them directly to our webminister. They may be used INSTEAD of the fillable PDF, if you would prefer.

Photographer Grant of Use Form
Subject Grant of Use Form

General Use Forms:

Device Submission Form