Links of Interest

Important Links for Officers and Participants:

Kingdom of Aethelmearc

This link will take you to our Kingdom Page, where you can find all governing policies and procedures, forms, waivers, etc for the Kingdom. All links below can be reached from this page, but you may visit them directly using the links provided here:

Kingdom Seneschal

The link above will take you to the Kingdom site, where you can view items such as: Kingdom Event Rotation, How to order insurance Certs for events, Non-Member Participation Waivers for events, Current SCA insurance info,

Kingdom Exchequer

This page provides links for all Kingdom-Level Event Forms, as well as Warrant Forms for local Exchequers and Laws and Policies links.

Kingdom Herald

This link can be used to find the Kingdom OP, Roll of Arms, Heraldry Submissions, and other Heraldic links of interest.

Kingdom Webminister

Visit the above link for information on Google for AE, Links and Tips for webministers, and other webminister-specific info.

Kingdom Earl Marshal

The above link can be used to find any forms, waivers, or contact information for the Kingdom Earl Marshal, along with the current rules and regulations for SCA marshal activities.

Youth Officer

The above link will take you to the Kingdom site for Youth. There, you will find items such as the current youth policy and Background check auth forms, among others.

Media Relations

If you are planning anything that involves the media outside the SCA (TV, News, etc), please visit the link above BEFORE doing so. You will find all the information you need so you can follow our SCA Media Policies.

Thescorre’s Choice:

Thank you for visiting Thescorre’s Choice Link Page. These links are ones that are interesting to the people of Thescorre for many different reasons. We do not promote these sites or any others. You may also contact our Webminister at any time with links that you would like to see included here.

Gwen Cooke’s Parti-Colored Cotehardie Class (<–Click Here)

Sadira’s Virtual Weedwalk 2020 (<–Click Here)

Thescorre Fighters Video (<–Click Here)

Pax Through the Ages Video (<–Click Here)

This is Thescorre Video (<–Click Here)

***Many of these links will take you OFF of the official Thescorre Website. PLEASE be aware that Thescorre can take NO responsibility for broken links due to other pages’ updates. We further accept NO responsibility for content on any other site. You may choose to use these links at your own risk and without any liability toward Thescorre, NY, Inc, Kingdom of Aethelmearc, or SCA, Inc.