Thescorre Rapier Practice

Have your heroes always been swordfighters?

     Do you dream of being a swashbuckler like d’Artagnan, de Bergerac, Dr. Syn, Inigo Montoya, or Captains Peter Blood, Diego Alatriste or Grace O’Malley (or even John Carter or Jirel of Joiry?
     Don’t dream it, be it!
     You too can be a fencer.
     Come, join us in the study of the noble art of defense at Thescorre’s weekly fencing practice Mondays 7PM to 9PM at Highland Park, in the field off the parking lot near the corner of South and Highland, near the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.

Please contact the Rapier Marshal with any questions or concerns.

Rapier Marshal Contact Form can be found HERE.

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