Thrown Weapons

Welcome to the Thescorre Thrown Weapons page!

Do you enjoy darts or other throwing games? Thrown weapons is the martial activity for you!  So, what’s in it for you? There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the sound of the “thunk” as your ax or knife sinks into the target! Especially after a long stressful day of mundane responsibilities!

In SCA thrown weapons we study and practice the martial art of throwing axes, knives, spears and other weapons as may have been practiced in the middle ages. However, instead of throwing at enemy combatants, we throw at targets.

Although there is only limited documentation of the throwing of axes in the middle ages, and even less for knife throwing, our primary focus is on ax and knife throwing. Spear throwing is much more evident in historical records, however, at most SCA practices and events there is much less emphasis on it.

Thrown weapons activities:

1.       Thrown weapons practices: There are multiple thrown weapons practices in the area where you can learn how to throw and practice your skills. The barony has loaner weapons anyone can borrow during practice. For more info: Thrown Weapons West or Thrown Weapons East
2.       Royal rounds/Scoring: At Thrown weapons practices and at some events, there is an opportunity to compete by testing your skill against all others, by throwing a “Royal Round”. This consists of throwing a specific number of axes and knives, at a standard target, to come up with a score. When you have three scores entered in the kingdom website you have a Royal Round average.
3.       Event competitions: At many SCA events held outdoors there may be a thrown weapons range set up for practice or to run a competition. There is often an enormous variation in how the competition is set up and scored. You can never exactly know what to expect, but you’ll always have a good time!

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