Welcome to the Thescorre Historian Page!

If you have a specific item you are looking for, but don’t know where to look, please contact our Historian and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

If you have items you would like to contribute to the Historian’s Office, such as images you would like to share with the Barony (and the public – this is a public page) or any older printed media that you would like to have digitized and kept in the Baronial files, please send them to our Historian.

We are currently working on a library of Tournaments Illuminated that are owned by the Barony. You will be able to borrow old volumes and return them. These will be physical copies and must be kept carefully and returned in the same condition they were lent. Once we have a database created, we will offer it here.

For current Fewmets and the Fewmet Archive, please see the Fewmet Page.

The Book of Bob was started many years ago and we intend to return it to its former….glory. 😉
We will link here once that book has been digitized.
We will be looking for more stories and information to fill its pages once we get the current book up online, so if you have things you would like to add, please contact our Historian so they can include them.

Above all, remember that YOU are the past, present, and future of Thescorre. So share your stories and let’s make history!