Baron Eldjarn

37 years ago, high school age me attended a sci-fi convention at a local college. Between screenings of classic films and guest lectures, I observed a bunch of people with armor and swords engaged in combat on the commons. The following weekend, six of the guys from my D&D group went into the woods with broomsticks and plywood shields to play capture the flag. None of us had training or armor and one was using an actual metal gladius, but then seventeen year olds are indestructible, right? What could go wrong? Well, only one friend took a header into the creek and while my team lost. It took three of them together to finish the last man standing – me (I was much more nimble in my teens). No one was injured, except a perhaps a little pride, and the following week we became distracted with bolas we had constructed with golf balls…

Anyway, after surviving my twenties living in a number of places including New Jersey, playing laser tag in public parks, years of attending Renaissance Faires, being married, and having a couple kids, I learned those ‘knights’ on the commons were SCA fighters doing a demo. Having rediscovered this medieval group, I went to my first actual event in ‘98. I did not start playing regularly until ‘02, but remember meeting many people then who are now familiar friends and acquaintances.

The last sixteen years have been a blur of events, practices, and activities. People have come and gone, and I have been gratefully distracted (especially the years following the end of my marriage) by trying pretty much anything and everything offered via the organization. I have served Thescorre as Chronicler, Captain of Archers, Domesday editor, Master of Dance, Deputy Seneschal, and Seneschal. I was also Brewers’ Guild Region IV Representative, and Archery Marshal-at-Large for Aethelmearc. Proud to be one of Raven Raqs Beladi (Thescorre Middle Eastern Drum Troupe) four founding members. I’ve been a scribe on and off for 16 years doing calligraphy, illumination, and wordsmithing. I have dabbled in most of the various martial activities during that time, but focused strongly on archery, as I had enjoyed that sporadically for years beforehand. I’ve been event autocrat, class coordinator, A&S judge, and reservationist. Most recently, I branched out into learning cooking and helping out more with Cauldron Bleu (Thescorre cooks’ guild). And now, of course, landed Baron of Thescorre.

Modernly I am known as Dan Clement. My ancestry is Canadian (English/Scottish), Swedish, and even a dash of Native American. I have two college age children and work part-time as a licensed massage therapist. I am very much into movies of all kinds and many popular sci-fi/fantasy shows. I am thrilled with the latest trend of superhero films, but also love the silly, twisted humor of classics like Clue, What’s up Doc? and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Over the years, I’ve been interested in writing, photography, painting, videography/filmmaking, mermaids, and the history of sailing ships. I enjoy reading fantasy, thriller, sci-fi, and irreverent variations on those genres. Favorite series are Anne McCaffrey’s Pern, Lincoln and Child’s Pendergast, and the various ‘not-to-distant future’ stories of James P. Hogan, Michael Crichton, and Neil Gaiman. I have many favorites, from Tolkien to Douglas Adams. I take part in weekly RPG sessions (Pathfinder). I’ve been playing various D&D / GURPs type games for four decades. I’ve a collection of miniature figures – a number of which I have painted. I enjoy getting together with friends to play card or board games like Cards Against Humanity, Arabian Nights, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. We have three cats in our household, but I like dogs as well as other animals – especially wolves, being a pack-like person. I tend toward an introverted personality so try to not misread my reserved manner as aloofness when interacting with me. Please do not hesitate to say hello, I do my best to be easily approachable with strong empathy and an appreciation for humor. Play with a kind heart and we can be fast friends! 🙂

–Baron Eldjarn the Thoughtful