Grant of Use Forms

Grant of Use Forms (Photograher/Subject and Creative Work Releases):

When submitting a picture or pictures to the webminister for inclusion on this site, please send a copy of one or both of the following forms, whichever is appropriate for the submission, or we will not be able to post your pictures here. For more information on what requires a Grant of Use form, please see the Kingdom Page (<–Click Here) Thank you for your help with this and thank you for your wonderful pictures!

How to Use Grant of Use Online Fillable PDFs:

These forms may be filled out, digitally signed, saved as a PDF, and returned via email; or printed, signed, and sent USPS. If you need the USPS address to return your signed Release Form to, please email: webminister AT thescorre DOT org and they will provide the address for you. These forms must be opened in Adobe or another PDF read/write program in order to allow you to digitally sign them. They cannot be signed if opened in a browser tab (such as Chrome or Firefox). You may need to download the form, right click on the downloaded file, and click on “open with” in order to open the PDF in the correct program (Adobe or another PDF read/write program). If you have trouble with these forms, please contact webminister AT thescorre DOT org and they can help walk you through how to get us the correct form and how to properly sign them. You may ALWAYS print, sign, and send the paper ORIGINAL to us. Email our webminister (email above) for the physical address to send it to. You may keep a copy of the form on file for your records, but we will need the original, with your signature in ink sent to us via mail, or a digitally signed PDF file electronically sent to us at: webminister AT thescorre DOT org. All release/grant of use forms will remain on file with the Barony.

Photographer Grant of Use Form
Subject Grant of Use Form
Creative Work Release Form

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