Baronial Election 2021

Welcome to the Barony of Thescorre Baronial Election Page!

New Updates 1-10-2022!

(See Individual Candidate Pages for updates.)

The Process of the Election:


Roberta and Diego
Andrew and Nuzha

Membership List:

Seneschal requests the list of all members of the barony from Milpitas (SCA, Inc).
This will be done at the beginning of January (shortly)

Creation of Polling Letter (January):

Seneschal creates the polling letter for the election and requests mailing labels from Milpitas.

Polling is sent via USPS:

This will happen by mid to late January.


Populace votes in January/February.
Voting closes 30 days after receipt of mailing list (approx late Jan – mid Feb)

Announcement of Results:

Expected by late February

  • We recently had a question-and-answer period at our December Business Meeting. A list of the questions and some basic notes of the answers can be found on each couple’s page. Click the pages below to see their responses.
  • Full transcripts of the answers are not available, but if you have questions for the candidates, please see email: candidates AT thescorre DOT org and they will receive your questions.
  • The Ballots will be going out in January! Once they are sent out, we will notify the Barony so that you know to expect them.

Click on the pictures below to see each couple’s candidate page.

Roberta and Diego with heraldry
Roberta and Diego


Andrew and Nez with heraldry
Andriu and Nuzha