C3R 2024 Back to Schola



College of Three Ravens 2024:

“Back to Schola”

Hear ye, hear ye, the school bells a-ringing! Greetings good gentles of Aethelmearc! The Barony of Thescorre is pleased to announce that it’s time to go Back to Schola! That’s right, after a hiatus of our beloved in-person College of Three Ravens, we enthusiastically invite you all to join us on February 24, 2024 for our IN PERSON College of Three Ravens, where our theme is Back to School – A Return to Thescorre’s Traditional Schola !

It promises to be a full day of classes on every imaginable SCA-related subject, camaraderie as we jostle each other in the halls on our way to those classes, Arts and Sciences displays, and even the possibility of an A&S competition. We also are delighted to be able to host bardic and dancing after our early feast!

Our Schola will be held at Victory United Methodist Church, 106 East Main Street, Victor, NY 14564.

**Please note, there will be no fighting or fencing this year, but we welcome the fighting/fencing/thrown/archery communities to join us and tech classes on related topics, such as: footwork, armor building and care, rules/regulations, etc. **

For further information or to pose event-related questions, please contact either of the co-Event Stewards:

THL Gwen Cooke (Jenn Bigelow-Carlson): CaptainCookeoftheAardvarks@gmail.com
Lord Torbjorn Sigurdson (Jon Carlson): BjornPhilson@gmail.com

Our tentative schedule for the day will be:
9AM – Site opens to the public
10AM – Breakfast Board is served
10AM – 3PM – Classes
2PM – 3:30PM – Feast
3:30PM – 4PM – Dancing and Bardic
5PM – Court
9PM – Everyone offsite (site officially closes down after court concludes)


Our Chancellor of Classes, Lady Nicole du Marais will again wrangle all those wanting to teach and create an easy to follow schedule of all the classes that the event has to offer! Dig deep and think of those classes you’ve always wanted to teach! Please be on the look-out for our call to classes and subsequent sign-up form!

**Please note, there will be no fighting or fencing this year, but we welcome the fighting/fencing/thrown/archery communities to join us and tech classes on related topics, such as: footwork, armor building and care, rules/regulations, etc. **

Class List Spreadsheet

Class List Doc

Class Descriptions

Breakfast Board and Early Feast:

Oh, and the return of delectable food in the form of a BREAKFAST BOARD and early feast (with room a’plenty for those that want to brown bag it for the first day back to school)! That’s right, no school day is complete without a well-balanced breakfast – especially when that well-balanced breakfast board is created by Thescorre’s very own Baroness Sadira! And our feast, which will start at 3:30, will be led by Baroness Nuzha, leading young cooks of Thescorre and Æthelmearc to create a meal to tantalize the tastebuds of our attendees! You heard that correctly, we are celebrating the youth of our fair Sylvan lands and asking them to step into the role of feast cooks!

Breakfast will be a cross-cultural exploration of “What They Had for Breakfast” based on a book Baroness Sadira had as a child in relation to what has actually been found in recipe books from around the world during our period.

Dinner will be a roll-back in time to when Baroness Nez started cooking in the SCA. This is a memory feast – There are foods from the first feasts of Thescorre, rediscovered. Come eat with us and share your memories of year gone by.

Feast will be served buffet-style for 1.5 hrs to facilitate the continuance of classes or cleanup of classrooms while people begin to eat. There will be room in the main hall to sit and eat, or you can take your linner back to your next class.

The “Feast” (Linner) Menu:

Pea Soup – (Vegan) (GF)
Pennsic Stew – (GF)
Chick Pork Pies – ONIONS
–Veg option – Bean Pies (alternate)
–GF option – Filling of Chicken Pork Pies (alternate)
Veggie Stuffed Apples – (V) (GF)
Lombardy Tarts – (V)
Savory Toasted Cheese – (V) (GF)
Cubed Ham – (GF)
Green Beans – (V) (GF)
Toasts – (V)
Bread – (V)
Honey Butter – (V) (GF alternate)
Pear Pies – (V)
–GF Option – (alternate)
–Dairy-Free Option – (alternate)

There will be a main buffet line where the general menu items will be available. If you have contacted the cook about food sensitivities, allergies, or special diets, please see the alternate table for the items listed above as “alternate”. These items will be limited, so PLEASE make sure you let the cook know ahead of time so she can plan. Thank you!

Menu subject to change as needed for available ingredients.

If you have any dietary needs, please contact the cook, Nuzha bint Saleem (mka Melinda DeHollander) nezhahs@gmail.com, FB Messenger as Melinda DeHollander, or 585-615-0398 (please text, call between 7pm and 9pm only, please)


If you would like to have a link set up to your website again this year, let us know! We’d love to help our artists any way we can.
Email webminister AT thescorre DOT org with a link to your site, a short blurb about what you sell, and an image (if you’ve got one).
(Please put “C3R 2024” in the subject line)

For a merchant space at the event, please contact THL Gwen Cooke, Event Steward: Gwencooke AT thescorre DOT org


Adult Member Discount Event Registration is $12
Adult Event Registration is $17
Youth (0-17) is free
Feast is an additional $8, and no charge for youth 4 years and under.

All registration includes that delicious breakfast board! (Feast has an additional fee – see above.)

Reservationist is Baroness Dubheasa (Pam Scholl). Reservations can be sent to Baroness Dubheasa at: Pam Scholl, 491 Ogden Parma Townline Road, Spencerport, NY 14559. Checks and money orders are to be made payable to SCA NY Inc – Barony of Thescorre. It is essential that reservations include modern name, SCAdian name, contact information, and membership status for each person to be covered by your payment. Also, please indicate if there are minors joining on your registration/reservation, and who will be joining us for feast.

Site Rules:

  1. No Open Flame
  2. Site is Dry
  3. Largely Accessible site, with small elevator for those with mobility needs

SCA Bullying and Harassment policy can be found HERE.

***All Artwork for C3R 2024 was created by Baroness Nez, OP, OL – For use by anyone, for the purpose of advertising or otherwise participating in C3R 2024. Anyone is welcome to use and/or edit the images in any way, but please remember that we are a diverse audience. Be kind and please, no swearing.***