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Welcome Everyone  – To the Pax Merchants Relief Page!

One of the wonderful things about the SCA is our love of art and our willingness to support artists. We have all seen the toll the pandemic has taken on local businesses and that is especially felt by our artisans and merchants in the SCA. So if you have the ability, we would love to have you check out the links below for merchants who would have supported our SCA events, had we been having them. Some are shops that would have been at events and others are shops of interest that cater to the SCA in general. All are local or semi-local small businesses that could use our help.

Links and Business Info will be added as they are received. We will continue to add links, so check back often to see what new places there are to visit!

Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts, for supporting local businesses and taking the time to help keep the arts alive.

Aries Designs

Master Artemius Andreas Magnus (Mark Schwartz)

What I make: Custom jewelry, glass beads, stained glass, award medallions, lapidary (cabochons and soon faceting stones), and period replica pieces.
I take custom orders for pretty much anything I make. If there is something you would like made, I will be happy to work with you on the design so you get what you want.

A little background: I am a Laurel in the Barony of Delftwood and have been in the SCA for … a long time. I have been working in my crafts for over twenty years. I continue to learn and evolve my skills in new areas and techniques.

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Payment methods: Credit card, Paypal, check, cash

Boydell and Brewer

Who We Are: Boydell & Brewer celebrated its fiftieth anniversary last year. A small, employee-owned scholarly press, it was founded in Suffolk, England, by two British medievalists. In 1989, the press opened up a second office in Rochester in partnership with the University of Rochester, establishing the University of Rochester Press. Boydell & Brewer publishes around 160 books per year, including around 60 produced out of the Rochester office. A large portion of its list is in medieval studies, and it exhibits each year at the Kalamazoo Medieval Congress in Michigan and the International Medieval Congress in Leeds (both of which were cancelled this year due to the coronavirus).

Special Offer: For Pax, Boydell & Brewer is offering a 35% discount and free shipping on any order that includes a hardcover book.

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Sunshadow Design


Meet The Artist: Master John Michael Thorpe (MKA Page Steinhardt) has been working with metal since age 10. in 1987 he worked up from polisher to bench goldsmith in a wholesale trade shop, and then worked in high end jewelry stores doing repairs and custom fabrications as a bench jeweler for several years to refine the mechanics of the craft, while developing his own stylistic approach to goldsmithing. Utilizing traditional jewelry techniques, including repousse, solid fabrication, forging, sand casting and lost wax casting, he works primarily in 14 karat gold and sterling silver, but has added cast bronze as the price of precious metals skyrocketed to keep some of the work reasonably accessibly priced. In the last 15 years he started bringing those skills to making coronets, laurel wreaths, and other regalia for members of the SCA.

Decorative metal work is one of the oldest forms of art. Many of the designs are based upon historical pieces, updated with a contemporary flair and an eye towards new stone and metal combinations.
Custom work is really his specialty as he enjoys the collaborative process involved in working with clients to design custom pieces that combine their unique style with his artistic metal representations, so if you would like to create something extra special, Email

One of his sidelines was making custom knives. This gained a lot of attention in May of 2016 when he won the History Channel competition bladesmithing show Forged in Fire. Suddenly bladesmithing was drawing a lot more attention than making coronets, then a run on the extreme cutting sports show “Knife or Death” brought sharp cutting swords into the public eye.

He began making fencing swords in 1987, when he started fencing in the Society for Creative Anachronism. He wasn’t able to find any well made fencing sword hilts on the market, so he made himself one. People started to ask him to make them swords, and eventually custom SCA list legal fencing swords and parts became a regular part of the business.

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Vessel Vixen

Denise Dehka Desmond

About the Artist:

What I Make: Unique and inspiring handmade pottery providing art for your home, kitchen, garden, or any place that could benefit from a bit of whimsy.

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Valkyrie UnderWares

About Us:  I am Lady Tangwystyl verch Gwyn, of Valkyrie UnderWares, hailing from Aethelmearc. My business partner is THL Emer nic Aiden, from Ealdormere. I’ve been in the SCA for 19 years, and apprenticed to Mistress Morgana bro Morganwg for most of that time, while Emer has been involved for 24 years, is protegéed to Mistress Morgana and apprenticed to Mistress Marian of Heatherdale.

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