Sadira’s Boxing Day Coffins

Last year, when we could gather together, we held a workshop to make Boxing Day Coffyns, a recipe ripped off from the Great British Baking show, and then mucked about until it bears little resemblance to the original. – rather a perfect dish for a C3R, pandemic version. Medieval pies were called coffyns and were made with stronger pastry that could be raised without a tin and filled with meat, fruit, and sometimes cheese. The pastry kept the meat moist.
And bonus: the people who came to the workshop have already tried this, so it will be easier. For directions for each step, click on the photos. If you prefer a recipe in Word, email: sadira AT thescorre DOT org.

Image of Recipe for Boxing Day Coffins

This recipe is more like guidelines than actual “rules.”

Bacon fat melting in pot-Image

Melt bacon fat in water and boil