Baronial Discussion Overview

Hello everyone!

Before tonight’s meeting, we had a great discussion with the Barony regarding how to move forward and get back to being and doing everything Thescorre.

We recognize that everyone has had life changes over the last few years. Some people are unable to participate either as they used to or as they would like to in the future.

We would like to honor those changes and work on ideas to incorporate the every changing needs of our populous.

An brief outline of what we discussed can be found in the link below.

If you would like to add to this discussion, please feel free to email Their Excellencies : baronage AT thescorre DOT org.
We can make sure your ideas are added to the doc to continue this discussion.

A copy of this info will also be shared on the email list. Please feel free to comment there and we can add the info the the doc so that it is all in one place.


Thank you all for joining us tonight. We look forward to a wonderful future here in Thescorre!

-Andriú and Nuzha

Link to Overview